Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Women That Made Me ~ Eaton's Girls

This will be the last in my series
and I am a little sad to see it end

fittingly enough ~ I have saved this bunch of girls for last.

I started working in retail in a big department store
when I was high school

the tender age of 17
and ended up working my way up the ladder
from part time to full time
to department head then to one of the management team

we were always the "young ones" and I had many mother figures
to teach me and guide me along the way
sadly a lot of them are gone and I have no pictures
so if only for myself I will mention their names
as they all taught me oh so much...

Dora, Emily, Phyllis, Doris, Alice, Connie, Rose
Shirley, Vicky, Vera, Sandy & Rae

Thank You ~ from the bottom of this big old heart!

And now I will introduce you to some of these girls
"the young ones"
we all grew up together
learned together ~ had fun together

this is Laurie ~ she was one of my managers
and she became like a big sister to me
we do not see each other nearly enough now
but the bond is still there along with a big hug

this is Kim ~ I call her Kimby
she is one of my closest friends still today

we have been through a lot together
both good and bad

Lori ~ we could cry you a river
we are both saps when it comes to sad songs, movies or commericals!

KellieAnn is my singing sister

another Kim ~ she was always the voice of reason
and the best person to get advice from

this was our last day
Sue, Andrew, Connie, Linda & Kim

when the store closed in 1999
it was a sad day ~ but looking back on it today
I know that everything happens for a reason

every one of these girls mentioned above was at our wedding

love this shot of Kelly, Lori, myself, Kimby and Andrea

I always said that I am thankful for Eaton's
as it brought so many wonderful people into my life

a few years ago we had a little girls reunion
and man did we ever have fun

you know these are the girls that I can be totally myself with
we have all seen the good, bad and the ugly
and came out the other end

b: me, Kim, Tracey, Laurie, KellieAnn, Krista, Linda & Connie
f: Tammy, Sue & Kimby

it takes more effort to get together now
but when the planets align and it does happen
it is the best feeling ever

we catch up on each other's news
reminisce about the old times
and then sing and dance the night away

pure happiness.

Thank you so much for all the comments on my little series
if you missed any of them you can check them out below.



Blondie's Journal said... looks like you worked with a great bunch of girls and I'm happy (and a bit envious) that you've managed to stay in touch. By all the smiles, it looks like your days were happy and that really matters in your job.

I was a part of the "young girls" when I worked, but I'll always remember the sage advice I received from the older ladies. I wish I could thank them now.

You look so pretty in all of the pictures!


Cathi said...

You can feel how much you all care about each other in those photos - it's infectious..I found myself smiling bigger and bigger each photo I looked at. I have had many jobs and most of the time I was the motherly figure to alot of women younger than me and I still keep in touch with several of "my girls" - it's been so much fun watching the wonderful women they've become. I've really enjoyed this series, Lori! xxoo