Saturday, December 28, 2013

With Grateful Hearts

Light the candle on a holy night
singing loud and proud
grateful hearts ~ both Mom's to my right
cherish this moment

snow is gently falling
it is a perfect Christmas Eve

back to the house ~ gather around the table
a little "nip" or two
and listen to stories of days gone by
laugh and smile

exchanging of cards with my boy
it's late and I am tired ~ fill the stockings
then up to bed

we awoke Christmas morning to a layer of fresh fallen snow
when the sun came out around 11 it truly made it 
a magical Christmas Day

coffee in hand ~ loved ones around the table
we shared a fabulous meal
then spent time just talking and being
and sharing the love around the tree

waving goodbye ~ a couple hours "free"
before round 2
so a nap was had

ding ding
in the car ~ surrounded by our other clan
stockings were dug into and presents were opened
lots of oohs and ahs

eating cookies and sweet breads
crunching on candy and nuts
then everyone grabs a bowl of seafood casserole
and more sharing of the day so far
coming together ~ being together

another gathering on Boxing Day
around the table ~ good eats
sweet treats ~ raise your glass
toast the season

blessed to be part of two wonderful families
blessed to have power as so many around us do not
blessed with the ability to love and be loved


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Wishes

Happy Sunday!

Everything is done ~ I have just completed my wrapping and I am going to 
curl up with my fur baby and watch a movie

it has been a hectic week at work so overtime was in the cards
3 out of 5 days so that makes for a time crunch at home
thankfully I was organized so other than not getting enough sleep
we coasted through it without too many problems

last Sunday we decorated the tree
can someone love and hate something both at the same time?

I love picking it out and bringing it in ~ the smell is heaven

on the flip side putting the lights on it
because I am type A and need 10 million or so
it took me a couple of hours ~ not my favourite job

then unwrapping each ornament and smiling at the memory
and finding the perfect spot on the tree
I am so traditional ~ no themes here
Christmas is a celebration of family and memories of days gone by
and making new memories ~ right

Cathy aka the best neighbour ever made this for us this year
she is so talented and I love it!

my wrap station and chalkboard
love this little room of mine

we had Secret Santa at work last week
and these are a couple of my gifts ~ are they not the cutest!

this is outside right now ~ 3 storms in 7 days
we dug out from 27 cm last Sunday only to receive 27 more on Wednesday
last night started with freezing rain ~ turned to snow and then more freezing rain

this was the car Wednesday night but I loved how our outdoor lights looked under the snow

yesterday we stopped at the in-laws as we do a cookie swap every year
and I had to get some shots of the icicles on their house ~ so pretty

I remember as a kid breaking them off and eating them like popsicles
did anyone else do that?

home we came and I put together a few cookie and sweet trays
some to keep ~ some to give

I have chicken stock simmering on the stove to make chicken fricot for
Christmas eve supper

Lists are made for last minute prep
after church on Christmas eve we will host Trev's family
for drinks and some munchies

I am also hosting Christmas dinner this year for my side
so turkey dinner for 6 and possibly 9
then that night we will go up the road to our inlaws and have 
seafood casserole and open gifts

Boxing day is a lazy day and we have our big dinner with Trev's family
so we will be surrounded by those that we love

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas
thank you for your friendship


Friday, December 13, 2013

Friday Potpourri

the hustle and bustle is here
have you been caught up in the whirl of it all
or are you laid back and just biding your time for the big sprint
at the end



although I could curl up in a ball and pretty much sleep most of the day
I will go down swinging

busy week ~ overtime at work busy
and something going on almost every night 
tis the season



I needed some festive ~ some red
because you know how I feel about red

looking forward to bringing the tree in tonight
then we will have lights ~ a party
some wrapping ~ hot chocolate drinking
cookie eating ~ secret santa gift prepping weekend



snow in the forecast for Sunday
hope it warms things up because baby it's cold outside!



I have been keeping up with you by reading via Bloglovin
but hope to get around this weekend to leave some comments

hope you have the best weekend.


Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Potpourri

Hey ~ it's Friday
and although my vacation time is coming to an end
I will welcome the routine and hustle and bustle in the coming weeks


this is the second year in a row that I have taken this week 
as part of my vacation and I kinda like it

just getting my baking alone done alleviates my stress level
it really does 


my days have been full of shopping and baking
sorting and writing
slow cook meals and quiet nights
appointments and our first party of the season

today is my do nothing day ~ and you know I will be doing something
but hope to find time to grab a mug of hot chocolate later
or sink into a bubble bath



Sunday I will pack the car with sweet stuff and head out to a cookie exchange
I will get to see some of my favourite people
including my God daughter that got engaged last Friday
so excited for her ~ she texted me a picture of her ring ~ he did good
the date is set for August next year ~ she is going to be a beautiful bride



tomorrow we will go to the local nursery to pick out our tree
and bring it in later next week

there are so many things to be thankful for this holiday season
and I will be taking some time leading up to Christmas to pay it forward

thanks for visiting and have a great weekend

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

And So it Begins....

We ushered in December with happy hearts
and hopes for a healthy holiday season

I got a bit of a head start on Saturday by putting a few things out
but concentrated on food prep for our gathering that night
along with running my errands as snow was in the forecast for Sunday

love my hot beverage station filled with our favourites
this is something that will stay out now all winter

Sunday I made these baked beans in the slow cooker
this is the easiest recipe I found last year on Pinterest
and Trev loves them so it's a win win for me

and today vacation started

first on the agenda was the groomers
Cooper will not let me brush him and he does not groom himself
he has a triple coat ~ even the shortest hairs on him will mat
so twice a year he goes and gets a "lion cut"
I think it makes him look handsome

when I got home it was time to bake some cookies
3 different kinds

I am going to a cookie exchange on Sunday
so I will make those ones later in the week

it feels good to have these all done

and as of today all the decorations are up as well

we will wait and get our tree this weekend and put it up closer to Christmas

tomorrow more plans and hopefully some more check marks off my ever growing list!

Have a great week.