Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Potpourri

Well hello there.....

it's Friday ~ I am on vacation and thought it was high time 
to get my butt in gear and do a little update.

When I last posted it was my birthday eve
and I was looking forward to my party which was held at our place

I did not have to do a thing
I was taken out to dinner and came home to a decorated house

I was surrounded by family and friends that are near and dear to my heart

my girlfriend made my cake and I absolutely loved it
it was so me and all around the sides were musical notes
she knows me so well
I was spoiled rotten with flowers and gifts
it was a great night and as stressed out as Trev was planning it all
it was a huge success.

Trev's birthday was 2 weeks later and was more low key
as he only hits the "big one" next year

we celebrated with dinner out then back to the house for game night
with the best neighbours ever
I made a cake and we had some munchies
we always have a good time when we are together ~ even the dogs.

The weekends are starting to get busier as the warm weather arrives
we have been down to the cottage to hook up the rain barrel
and take the shutters off the windows 

I hope to get down there to clean on Saturday
since I will now have water and we finally are getting some
warmer temps
the sun feels good.

Last post I talked about a couple of my painting projects
and thought I would share some pics

the bathroom was originally a raspberry colour

remember back in the days of Trading Spaces
it used to be a Saturday night ritual
it made me bolder with my colour choices
but after 12 years it was time 

I primed it and then did 3 coats of paint
it has lightened up things so much

it is a soft yellow ~ buttery and so hard to get a picture of!

While I had the paintbrush out I decided to paint the closet doors 
in the bedroom

when I redid the bedroom 3 years ago
I wasn't sure if I wanted to paint the closet doors, 
stain them to match the flooring or get new ones

so one day while out running errands I made a snap decision
and went into the store where I buy all my paint
knowing that they would have the colour on file

honestly it took no time to do and I have no idea what took 
me so long!  The doors basically disappear and I am very pleased

why is painting such a dreaded task when the results are so rewarding?

so this week has been full of sunshine and warm weather
planting flowers ~ getting some sun
Trev found this nest out back ~ the babies were still in it
but they were dead
not sure what happened to the Mama

so he buried the babies and saved the nest for me
he is such a good boy!

It feels good to be back ~ I have been here for 6 years now
hard to believe  but there it is ~ hope to post 
on a more regular basis going forward ~ we shall see

Happy weekend!