Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!


did I scare you...

I know ~ not likely

what a busy week-end!

it started out with having no plans and then at noon on Saturday
took off at a sprint and did not stop

I ended up outside cleaning up the flowerbeds out back
then ran errands, got groceries
made a big batch of spaghetti sauce, stuffed manicotti
then made dinner!

we were invited to a party and I was pooped out
I felt like a zombie so the costume would have been easy
it's too bad too because I really wanted to go
just to see all the decorations as I was over on Thursday night
and it looked incredible then ~ and they were not even finished
oh well ~ I hope they got lots and lots of pictures

Sunday it was miserable ~ rainy and cold
but we bundled up anyway and headed to the cottage
to close it up

it was cold ~ see your breath inside cold

this is a picture from inside looking out
it was pouring ~ I called it slushing as it was a rain snow mix

we lit the stove and got down to business
by this time the slush had turned to full on snow

I went back outside and braved our first snowfall of the year
and you know what
I really don't like snow

everything was covered and to quote Trev
it was slippery as snot
nice image ~ right!

by the time we left it was pretty much a winter wonderland.

As we were driving home it turned to slush
then rain again but the ground is covered
I am hoping this will all melt off as it is suppose to warm up
a bit ~ hope so as I hate to see the little ones out in this

More news ~ good news actually
Donny is home
skinny but home
his weight dropped to 107 lbs
this is a man ~ 6 ft tall
has always been slim but not skin hanging on bones slim
he has gained about 7 lbs so far
so he is on the road to recovery
and a happy boy
and that makes me a happy girl

thank you again for all the prayers

So today I am dressed in my finery
I am headed south ~ if only in my mind
as I will have on my hula skirt
and flip flops
and a lei ~ and a hat
and funky glasses

I will get a picture ~ I promise!

Hope you have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday Ramblings

Good morning ~ missed you yesterday!

not sure what happened ~ not like it was a crazy busy week
but it got away from me

so as I sit here on Saturday morning
drinking coffee ~ catching up on some recorded tv
and planning my day
I wanted to say "hi"

saw this one and thought of Becky!

lots on my to do list
some cooking ~ cleaning ~ planning
you know ~ the normal stuff

heading to the cottage this afternoon 
to close it up for the season
hard to believe that it is that time again

 we are also watching a Nor'easter coming up
the eastern seaboard
that's snow people

they are only calling for a trace here
but still the same ~ it IS still October!

so I hope you all have a wonderful week-end
full of more treats than tricks!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Pink Ribbons

I am late in doing this post
and even though it is almost the end of October
it is something that is in the forefronts
of our minds
all year long.....

all the pink ribbons of course are for
breast cancer awareness

a couple of weeks ago a local radio station
did their part for the cause
they asked people from our area to gather
at a local sports field one Saturday
and they formed the world's largest bra

a local photographer took the shot
and I think it is pretty cool

I think that cancer has touched each and every one of us
it's the dreaded "C" word
that scares us to death

of course early detection is the key
so ladies ~ check your boobies!

this is called a Thingamaboob
you can get your own here

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Happy Monday

did you have a good week-end?

mine was good ~ got lots done
cleaned ~ read and did not cook a thing
other than brunch on Sunday

we had our Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday at the camp
and it was delish
nothing better than getting the family together

our leaves are almost all on the ground
rain and wind have seen to that

I truly love this time of year
the smells ~ the textures
they really make me smile

I stumbled across this old piece of farm equipment
can you imagine the stories this could tell

this is after dinner
the clean up ~ we all pitched in to help
another great meal
and another great week-end

Hope you all had a good one!


Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Potpourri

Is this week over yet
really ....really
just make it go away!

Mom is doing great
feels better all ready ~ so the procedure was a success

between working late and everything that has been going on
I did not accomplish anything this week
and the new recipe ~ nope ~ didn't happen
worked late instead

this week-end I want to nest
and clean
and do everything that I have not done
the last 2 weeks

loving the color of this sweater ~ I think I could pull it off

last night I made my Grammy Brown's apple pudding 
with caramel sauce
it was the perfect treat

Sunday we are heading to the camp
to have our Thanksgiving dinner that was postponed from
2 weeks ago ~ I will finally get my pumpkin pie!

I also hope to play catch up with my blog reading over the week-end
as I have been around to some but not all

thank you for all the comments ~ well wishes
and prayers for my Mom
they mean the world to me

hope that you all had a great week
and that this week-end is full of crunchy leaves
and sunshine!