Saturday, November 26, 2011


One of our yearly holiday traditons
is I take a Friday off
near the end of November

grab Kat & Sam after school
and we go shopping for their Christmas presents
from Trevor & I

I used to get off pretty easy
a trip to Wal-Mart
a painful 2 hours in the toy department
then a quick pick of an outfit
and we were done

my how times have changed!

Although yesterday was Black Friday
in the states
Canada has not quite reached the pandemonium
of our neighbors in the south
and thank heavens for that

off to the mall we went and after 4 hours
and a food court supper
I dropped them off ~ a little poorer
but my ~ what a great time we had

we did go to Wal-Mart
and goofed around a bit with the Santa hats
as you can see

they make my heart sing ~ these 2 girls of mine.

Today the Christmas music is on
and I am in the midst of getting the decorations out

in an attempt this year to simplify
I am once again failing miserably

I guess I am much too attached to some of my material things
but you know what ~ that's ok
I will be fa la la la laing!

I am throwing around the idea of going out to the 
local craft fair tonight ~ still up in the air on it
I may just have a nice long bath
and snuggle in with a movie.

Hope you are having a wonderful week-end
and that your heart is full of joy.


Thursday, November 24, 2011


Taking a moment today to wish
all my US friends
a very Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ~ Forever Friends

this last quote says it all...

can't wait to meet up with my forever girlfriends tommorrow
night for supper ~ it has been too long.

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Monday!

While out driving yesterday
I was disappointed to see
the trees are almost totally bare ~ naked
ready for old man winter
although I am not

the weather has been incredible
so warm that we are just bracing ourselves
for that first blast of cold air
which we all know is coming

game night was a success
good friends ~ good food and fun
what a great way to spend a Saturday night

Sunday afternoon was coffee with my cousin
planning ~ what cookies to make for Christmas this year
we came up with 3 kinds ~ shortbread, almond fingers and birdsnests
yummy yummy yummy!

I will also make gumdrop and date cookies
I need those!

this week is going to be a busy one
although I have no big holiday meal to plan
I am meeting with my book club girls tonight

then with my forever girlfriends on Thursday night
figure I will call them that since we have been together
since we were 5 years old
so it's almost forever....

I have Friday off ~ my last vacation day of the year
and I have plans ~ I do have plans for that.

Hope you all had the kind of week-end
that put a spring in your step
and a smile on your face.

Happy Monday!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Potpourri

Hello friends
it's Friday

as the leaves crunch beneath our feet
the sun shines down on our faces

it has been a gorgeous week
sitting on the bench reading my book at lunch
kind of gorgeous

it has been a good week
a not do a whole lot of anything week
which is a good thing because next week the fun starts

getting together with girlfriends for a pre-Christmas catch up session
lattes on Monday night with some
then dinner on Thursday with others
but that's next week

this is the week-end baby
game night tomorrow with the neighbors
and their 4 legged kids ~ it's been too long

some shopping tonight
checking things off my list

my goal is to get the bulk of my shopping by the end of November
and by golly ~ I am off to a good start

thanking you for taking the time to comment this week
 they lift my day ~ they really do
Wishing you a wonderful week-end!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You Had Me At Woof

You know I have gone on and on and on 
about my little baby girl

this is one of my favorite baby pictures of her

while I was away I picked up this book
and although I am not even half way into it
it makes me smile and laugh

for someone that once thought this breed was ugly
I love them now!

 too cute for words!

all these except for the 1st and last were found on Pinterest

so if you want a chuckle ~ laugh out loud belly laugh
whether you are a Boston Terrier lover 
or just a dog lover 
I think you will like this book

Miss Molly ~ asleep on Papa's knee
pure Boston love

Happy Wednesday!