Saturday, July 5, 2014

Last of the Flock

This is one of the most painful posts I have ever written
but I feel like I need to get it out ~ document it and my thoughts and feelings

strange really since the world of social media has not been something 
I have been keeping up on the past week or so
other than a couple of Instagram posts and some time spent on Facebook

a week ago Friday my father in law ~ Lee was not feeling well
he had pain in his back and was taken to the hospital by ambulance
things went from bad to worse on Saturday and on Sunday morning
he passed away

it was sudden and honestly I think we are all still in shock
the doctors have no idea what happened other than he had a very bad infection set it
we will not know any more until the autopsy results come back 

the middle child of 5 ~ and the last one to go
over the past I heard the term used more than one
"he was the last of the flock called home"

saying goodbye to this man that welcomed me into the family from day one
that treated me like a daughter
stepped up when my own father passed away
was heartbreaking to me

he was full of life ~ teasing in a way only he could
I loved him so

my boy's heart is broken ~ I know how the pain feels
when you heart physically hurts
I am here for him and will stand by his side
give him his space when he needs it and will wrap him in a hug when he needs that too

in good times and in bad
he was there for me and now it is my turn

he told me on Sunday that now he knows how I felt
all those years ago
maybe I had to go through it first so I can help him now

so thankful for this last family photo taken on Good Friday this year
it was my birthday ~ we were celebrating Easter
surrounded by family ~ it was a very good Friday indeed

2001 ~ our wedding day
Lee with his 2 boys

one from the archives of he and Barb
it is one of my favourites

Sunday morning when we left the hospital 
we went straight to his parent's place
I was out in the garage ~ wandering and looking at all the stuff hanging on the walls
I stopped and looked at the clock hanging there
the time was stopped at almost the precise time he took his last breath
coincidence ~ maybe
but I choose to believe that he stopped in
on his way to heaven.

we had visitation on Thursday night and the funeral was yesterday
so many people ~ he was a man that was well loved
and admired
stories were told, tears were shed and laughter could be heard
it was a true celebration of his life
and after a beautiful service that fit him to a T
and a small reception ~ we went to the cemetery
and said our final goodbyes

a little later on that day ~ we raised our glasses
there is now a void in our lives that can never be filled

Rest In Peace Lee ~ I will miss you like crazy