Sunday, April 28, 2013

Plants or Weeds & a Sneak Peek

It has been quite a weekend
productive and I love those kinds of days

not that kicking back and relaxing is not good
but you need to mix things up sometimes!

Friday I left work early
and headed to the garden centre
to look for a couple of new pots
and was pleased to see these happy little faces
smiling back of me

these were a score ~ one of the girls at work was selling them
so I scooped them up

not sure if I am going to use them in the kitchen
or the craft room ~ time will tell

speaking of the craft room
I promised a sneak peek of the work

the walls are all painted and the furniture is placed
I spent yesterday unpacking boxes
going through things to donate and finding homes for others

the sconces are from Home Depot
and I was trying to decide between the two shades above

I went with the one on the left and really like the look of them
now that they are up and installed

there are no windows in this room so I wanted to use bright colours
and looked for fabrics that I was drawn to

the blue above will be made into a curtain for the closet area
while the yellow check is an oil cloth for the table

the print I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics last year on a US shopping trip
and was not sure what I was going to use it for 
I just knew I loved it ~ I am going to make a memory board with it

the clock is just a generic one I have had for awhile
and instead of going out and buying a new one
I thought I would give this one a little facelift with buttons

so with my box of vintage buttons
I am attempting to decide whether I want to go natural/white
or multi coloured button

what do you think ~ please shout out your opinion!

Sunday afternoon I spent with Sam
and as we sat down for supper ~ I found myself sitting across from
a 13 year old version of myself

it scared me ~ I want to take her under my wing
protect her from everything ~ tell her things she should avoid
and things she should do

I guess that is one the fun things in being the Aunt
I am still cool ~ she talks to me and listens to me
and that makes my heart soar

I bought these bracelets for us on Friday
love that they have Blessed on one side and Faith on the other

I will say it once again ~ I am blessed

after I dropped Sam off at band
I came home and started in on the flowerbeds

I spent over an hour playing is it a weed
or is it a plant?

I think I won in the end ~ guess I will find out soon enough

it is so good to see all the plants coming up
the weather is getting warmer
and it is going to be a good week.

Have a good one!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Potpourri

It's Friday again
and I breathe deep
and say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


thank you for all the birthday wishes
my day off was blissful

Trev was off too so we headed out on
a search for sconces
and after 6 stops we had success
yes ~ 6 stops
and I ended up going back to the first store
to ones I looked at 2 weeks ago

oh well ~ it was an adventure!

bonus is that Trev installed them on Saturday
while I was cleaning
tunes cranked and getting things done
we were quite the team



Saturday night I received a text
the baby arrived!!

I hope to have a picture to share soon
as Mama and baby are doing fine


this week I have been sorting
and planning
waiting for shelves to be installed
so I can arrange and take some after shots
to show off my new space

I am trying to be patient ~ I really am!


a planned trip to the market tomorrow

hoping to get out and play in the dirt

game night with the best neighbours ever



sounds like a perfect weekend to me!

What are your plans ~ do tell!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Women that Made Me ~ Lakeville Girls

I could not have this series
and not mention the friendships that have been with me
basically since the beginning

Meet Rocky (Roxanne), Robyn and Tracey

these girls are my oldest friends
and we are talking elementary school long

I have known Robyn & Tracey since 1971
yeah ~ we are that old!

Robyn & Lori 1981
 this is Robyn & I back in high school
someone dared us to get our picture taken with Santa
yeah ~ don't dare us to do anything!

we started school together
rode each other's bikes
played tag and skipped rope

through the years we grew up together
and did everything together
we were the 3 musketeers

Lori & Tracey 1988
Rocky came into the picture in elementary school as well
a year younger than us ~ and lived a bit further down the road
so I think it was high school when we got close
and created the bond that we still have to this day

Lori & Rocky 2010
this shot was taken at her daughter's wedding in 2010
and is still one of my favourites of the two of us

she became a grandmother this past weekend
and I could not be happier for her

these are the girls that taught me what the word friend really means

we have to the moon and back ~ we really have
celebrated successes ~ marriages ~ births
and we have hugged and dried tears in low times

if I needed anything
any time of day
these are numbers I could call
without thinking twice

and that my friends
is the best feeling ever.

I love these girls.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Potpourri

Happy Friday

I am doing a little happy dance
because I have a long weekend

a Friday off after a great week
makes me happy

I have been in celebration mode for the last couple of days

met up with a couple of old friends for supper on Wednesday
and talked for hours and hours
it was great catching up

then yesterday was my birthday

I lit 48 candles this year
and examined my face in the mirror
looking for new lines and crinkles

which made me smile
I have earned every wrinkle
every laugh line

for today's selection of photos
I dug into my archives
and pulled some of my favourite things

things like books and photography
flowers and cupcakes
friendship and love

sadly I have no sources saved
they have been collected from here and there
over the last 5 years
wow ~ typing that out surprises me
seems just like yesterday....

this is one of my favourite quotes ever
I must look for it as I would love a framed copy 
to hang in my new space

if you find it out there ~ let me know!

last weekend I primed and painted
and the room is done

right now I am waiting for shelves
new outlets and trim work

I love the colour and cannot wait to get everything set up
take some pictures
and show it off

shopping for sconces has become a job and a half
not finding what I like
or falling in love with ones that are over my budget
and I need 3....

keep your fingers crossed for me
and say a little prayer as well.


I cannot talk about this week and not acknowledge
the catastrophic events of Monday

my heart broke when I heard the news
a girlfriend of mine was running
so as I picked up my phone ~ searching for news of a check in from her
the relief in hearing she was ok

then watching in disbelief when I sat in front of the tv
that night ~ why??

Beki over at The Rusted Chain doing something
because you know what guys
there is more good out there than bad
and we gotta all band together

until May 1st ~ $10.00 from the sale of each of these necklaces
will go directly to the Martin Richard family fund,
victims of the Boston Bombing

head on over to The Rusted Chain
and get yours today...

my heart also goes out to West, Texas
such sad tragic events this week in the news

hug your people ~ keep them close
and love them with all your heart

My wish for you today is sunshine on your face
and a smile in your heart.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Women that Made Me ~ Barb

Meet my mother in law

her name is Barb

I know that some people have the dreaded
"mother in law" syndrome

but not me ~ I am truly blessed to have this woman in my life

Trevor says that he fails to exist when I am around

when she calls ~ she talks to me
we share stories ~ she fills me in on the family news
and she spoils me

I have attended her "gravy school" for the past 14 years and 
I am pleased to say that I finally graduated last year
with beef gravy ~ I still have not perfected turkey gravy!

she is the person that I can drop berries, jars, sugar and certo off in the morning
and pick jam up after work ~ you see ~ spoiled!

knowing my love of all things vintage
especially if they have meaning ~ she offers things up to me
before she throws them out

she makes the best hot dog relish and shares her recipes

I am truly a lucky girl to have someone so special
welcome me into her family with open arms.

One thing that I will always be sad about however
is we were not able to give her any grandbabies
she would have been the perfect grandmother
and sometimes 4 legged babies just don't cut it!

Thanks for reading!