Sunday, April 20, 2014

Family Ties

Small town ~ late 40's
a single woman gives birth to a baby girl
and gives her up for adoption

a couple of years later ~ the couple gets married
and has 3 boys and life goes on

forward wind to 2014
that young woman is now in a nursing home
in the early stages of alzheimers
the oldest son decides to search for his sister

(this is my mother in law and her oldest sister Elsie)

at the same time a city away the daughter has started the search for her mother
and they connect and meet
these are not step siblings ~ they share the same parents

this is the story of my husband's Aunt Elsie and her family 

and on Good Friday it was time for this lost sister
to meet some more of the family

we gathered at Trevor's cousins place
19 for dinner and 21 in total when all was said and done

this is the entire gang ~ a motley looking crew aren't we!

Diane connected with her new found cousins
she brought her husband and her children
and their families
it was a blessed day to say the least

we fell into easy conversation ~ lots of stories to be told
sharing history ~ learning about each other
and this was just scratching the surface

this is my hubby's family
his brother Scott and sil Phyllis ~ seated are Barb & Lee then Trev and I on the right

I cannot wait to gather again and learn more about our new found cousins
it was a very Good Friday

oh ~ and I was spoiled just a touch as well

a cupcake birthday cake came out for dessert

a glass of wine ~ a cupcake ~ ice cream and blueberry cheesecake
with a side of tea
quite the combination ~ yes please!

and roses from my love.

The rest of the weekend was low key but that is ok
it was a gorgeous day today where we spent most of the afternoon outside
and had our very first bbq of the season tonight

hope you had a fabulous Easter weekend.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Celebrating 49


today I light 49 candles
and celebrate life

I look back at the years stretched out behind me and smile
so many memories ~ so many good times
I am blessed to be where I am today



the future is a mystery but one that I look forward to 
with faith and love
friends and family
there is a whole lot of living and loving coming
and I can't wait to experience every single moment



so today I share some of my favourite things
and hope that a little pretty will bring a smile to someone's face



and this weekend I will make this ~ I think for Easter brunch
and maybe just maybe ~ a mimosa to go with it



and I will place my order for one of these
love ~ love ~ love

I hope you had a great week and that this weekend you are surrounded
by those that you love.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunshine & Fresh Air

It's Sunday night and I am getting ready to snuggle in on the couch
and watch The Good Wife


meals have been prepared
errands all run
chores are completed
and we also took some time to just kick back too

it was a gorgeous weekend
can I say finally ~ I think I can

the windows were open yesterday
the sun was shining
birds were singing ~ snow was melting
the house smelled like heaven
oh how I love Spring


the first week back to work after vacation is always a long one
it was busy and I made it through the other side

now I am gearing up for a short week
and it is an exciting week as my birthday is coming up
and on my birthday I turn into a 10 year old
and go all diva and princess like it's my day or something


I am sure it will not go by unnoticed 
because I won't let it ~ ha!


as you can see I am in Easter mode
as on Friday ~ Good Friday that is ~ and also my day
we are getting together with family ~ 22 of us
will gather around and celebrate family
and just maybe there will be a birthday cake there for me
because I am 10


the gathering isn't for my birthday though 
it is Easter dinner that because of people having to travel and such
is being done on Friday instead of Sunday
and that's ok

love getting together with this group
there is always new memories made and this time
will not be any different


wishing you a wonderful week
I hope it has warmed up and the sun is shining
the flowers have poked their little heads out of the ground
or they are blooming in beautiful colours

face the sun and let it shine upon you
and smile.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Girls Night

I have been on vacation this week
and promise not to talk about the weather anymore
because sadly ~ it depresses me


I did have a good week although I had to cancel my plans on Tuesday
due to said weather we will not talk about
the balance of the week went along as planned


an afternoon of retail therapy where I bought everything from 
shoes to a new pillow to rest my weary head on at night
and all was good with the world

an afternoon with Mom ~ appointments and a lunch date
then back to her place to get a couple little things done

plans on Friday with my nieces brought home made pizza
and the Hunger Games


it was so nice to snuggle on the couch with both Kat & Sam
and spend some quality time

I do have a question though ~ do teens ever put down their phones?
I had a rule at both the supper table and breakfast this morning
but every waking minute they were here ~ they were on them
too funny!

I also baked this cake yesterday

it was Colin's birthday ~ aka one of thebestneighboursever
so we took it over last night and sang Happy Birthday
then ate our faces off and was on a sugar rush the rest of the night!


this may show up on the brunch table tomorrow
if I can get the ingredients together ~ if not next weekend for sure

Hope you are having a great weekend