Sunday, April 20, 2014

Family Ties

Small town ~ late 40's
a single woman gives birth to a baby girl
and gives her up for adoption

a couple of years later ~ the couple gets married
and has 3 boys and life goes on

forward wind to 2014
that young woman is now in a nursing home
in the early stages of alzheimers
the oldest son decides to search for his sister

(this is my mother in law and her oldest sister Elsie)

at the same time a city away the daughter has started the search for her mother
and they connect and meet
these are not step siblings ~ they share the same parents

this is the story of my husband's Aunt Elsie and her family 

and on Good Friday it was time for this lost sister
to meet some more of the family

we gathered at Trevor's cousins place
19 for dinner and 21 in total when all was said and done

this is the entire gang ~ a motley looking crew aren't we!

Diane connected with her new found cousins
she brought her husband and her children
and their families
it was a blessed day to say the least

we fell into easy conversation ~ lots of stories to be told
sharing history ~ learning about each other
and this was just scratching the surface

this is my hubby's family
his brother Scott and sil Phyllis ~ seated are Barb & Lee then Trev and I on the right

I cannot wait to gather again and learn more about our new found cousins
it was a very Good Friday

oh ~ and I was spoiled just a touch as well

a cupcake birthday cake came out for dessert

a glass of wine ~ a cupcake ~ ice cream and blueberry cheesecake
with a side of tea
quite the combination ~ yes please!

and roses from my love.

The rest of the weekend was low key but that is ok
it was a gorgeous day today where we spent most of the afternoon outside
and had our very first bbq of the season tonight

hope you had a fabulous Easter weekend.


Unknown said...

Truly an amazing family story! Looks like you've had a wonderful birthday and Easter!

Leslie Harris said...

I had to go back and read this again. What an amazing post Lori, and how perfect for Easter. A story about hope and new beginnings and happy endings. And I loved seeing your family photos with all those smiles. What a blessed Easter you had.

Erin @ said...

What a great story! You all looked so happy to be together. Happy belated birthday!


What a sweet story. Glad your birthday was special, Lori.


Magical and Beautiful said...

beautiful story.
Thanks for sharing.
I have been inspired by bloggers like you to share my journey as I struggle with Huntington's disease.
I would be honored if you would follow my blog as i share my heart.

Delena said...

A great event of getting together and connecting with families. I love your pictures!

Cathi said...

I don't know how I missed this post but what a beautiful story of a happy ending. Years ago before the internet my sister set out on a search for her father in laws son that he had not seen since he was 2 years old - he had been kept from him all of those years. The son was in his 50's when my sis found him and their family has been a part of ours from that very moment. Different circumstances but the same happy ending! Have fun getting to know your new cousins! Love and hugs, sweet friend! xxoo