Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Monday, May 28, 2012

Rolling on the River

What a simply gorgeous week-end we had here
the weather was perfect

makes you want to stay outside all day
and all night week-end

then Sunday night comes along
and then Monday morning and we are back at it

Sunday we had a mission though
as we traveled to the city of Miramichi 
to attend a 50th anniversary party
for our sister in law's parents

in their banquet room

it was quite the setting

the gardens were beautiful

the path leading down to the river

the Miramichi river is known all over to be
one of the best places to fish salmon

we hope to get back up this year as they also offer tubing
which is a blast and a great way to spend a hot Saturday afternoon!

I mentioned on Friday that I was going treasure hunting
Trevor's Aunt had to be put into a home 
so his cousins are cleaning out the house and were having a yard sale.
I grabbed Trev's Mom and we went to help set up
and of course I nabbed a few odds and ends
that tickled my fancy.

a big old platter ~ a couple of old cookbooks and a vintage suitcase
plus a couple of cups & saucers and some vintage gadgets

there was so much stuff there that I could have brought home
but I was a good girl.

on the drive yesterday to the party I was on the lookout for lilacs
I found the perfect bush ~ close to the road
no houses around ~ so we stopped on the way home and I got them
the house smells divine right now

oh how I love thee

Hope you had a sunshiney week-end
and that you had a reason to smile

Have a great week!


Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Potpourri

Happy Friday!

the sun is shining and that just makes everyone happy

well ~ it makes me smile

this was me on Monday ~ it was bliss
and I finished my book too


the most I did was cut up rhubarb
and make supper

the afternoon was all mine.

I am patiently waiting for the local strawberries
so I can make this

Carrie posted the recipe last year and I made it twice
it was the best ~ it really was
warm with a scoop of French vanilla ice cream
ooh aah ~ yes ~ it was that good


this week has been less stressful
not sure if I am in a better frame of mind
or if the pressure cooker of work has calmed down to a simmer
but I feel good and that's a good thing!


the lovely Louise over at Lou, Boos & Shoes
had launched a business
she took the leap and wow ~ everything looks great!

drop on over to L'Apothecary Shop
I think you will like what you see

the lilacs are blooming and I absolutely love them
I am scouting out the perfect bush to nab the perfect bouquet

soon my pretties ~ you will be mine....



the week-end will be a busy one

tonight we are taking a little road trip
and going treasure hunting

I will let you know if I find anything!


Saturday is dirt day ~ play day ~ work day
edging for 2 beds

some rearranging the first of the week means I have room
for more perennials ~ so I am hunting for those too

making lists and plans ~ a favorite time of year for me.

Saturday night I will get together with friends for dinner
then Sunday an anniversary gathering
the nice weather brings busy times
and that is ok with me.
Thank you for all the wonderful comments on 
my anniversary post
 you know they mean the world to me.
Hope this week-end brings sunshine and smiles
and to all my US friends
Happy Memorial Day!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

3 Years Later...

With the nudging of some good friends
I set out on this blogging journey
3 years ago

yeah ~ I know
and some of you are still here!!

looking back over my other anniversary posts 
the first year I was begging for followers
and giving things away to reach my goal of 100

then last year I was just thankful for those who
were here to read my words
and comment when the mood strikes

today I know that the number does not mean a lot
it's the people that I have come to know
the ones that I would recognize if ever we were on
the same street

the ones that I would give just about anything
to meet in person

today I celebrate you

Simone, Kim, Becky, Cathi, Mikal, Jackie,
Louise, Glenda, Tara, Lissa, Janie, Lisa,
Carrie, Rhi, Rachael, Barb, Trish
& I could go on and on and on
Thank You from the bottom of my heart
for your kind words, encouragement, virtual hugs,
praise and prayers
I can't wait to see what the next year brings.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Holiday Monday

What a beautiful week-end
and thankfully
it is not over yet

see that sky ~ this was Saturday

we were heading down to the cottage and I said to Trev
when I say pull over ~ just do it
don't ask why

so he said ~ why??
he IS a good boy you know

every Spring I see this tree
and every year I want to pull over to take a picture

this year I made it happen
not sure if it is 2 trees growing into one
or a hybrid

all I know is that it is pretty cool looking
too bad for the houses and wiring and stuff
would likely look nice framed.

So as I was saying
Saturday was cottage day
not a day to wander around with my camera
but a day for cleaning
and boy did we clean

by the end of it all we were exhausted
of course Mom pooped out before I did
rightly so
I really could have slept standing up
and poor little Molly got bit by blackflies
her left eye was swollen
along with her lady parts
luckily everything was back to normal Sunday morning

one thing I did take time for was a trip up to the farm

you see it was a requirement as I wanted some rhubarb
so I got lots ~ enough to put some in the freezer too
rhubarb + strawberries = yummy
you can't go wrong with that combo in my opinion

the raspberry bushes are coming along
it won't be long now...

Sunday was a day to get some things done
but at a slower pace
no deadlines or expectations

I took Mom to the garden center
and bought her a couple of hanging baskets
as that was her Mother's Day gift

then after some errands I picked up Cathy
and we headed to another garden center

I bought a couple of baskets for myself 
and some pansies to plant ~ love those little faces!

I have not yet made my list of what I need to get
for all my containers but hope to have it done up
this week so I can go and dig in the dirt

the bestneighborsever came over for a bbq
and after dinner we had some unexpected visitors

Mr & Mrs. Duck stopped by to say hi
and to see if there were any leftovers
sorry kids ~ better luck next time

we giggled as we have seen lots of ducks around the neighborhood before
but these are getting so tame and just wander around
they are a cute couple.

Today I am doing nothing
well I will be preparing food
and reading
and sitting in my lounger

but other than that
nothing ~ nada ~ zip

Happy Victoria Day
to all my Canadian peeps!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Potpourri

I have been absent
disconnected and hiding out

not really but it sounds better than
burned out
stressed out
and eating too much this week!

I have been busy and although my intentions were good
no words other than comments on other blogs
have been written in the last 5 days


Mother's Day I spent with my Mama
we drank tea and talked
and played crib
then got Chinese for supper ~ it was low key and laid back


work has been crazy ~ lots of expectations
but we made it through with some chocolate
and talks off the ledge!


Spring is truly here ~ things are green
I love the sound of lawns being mowed
and the smell of fresh cut grass


Molly celebrated 5 candles on Tuesday
and we did what she wanted that night which included
playing frisbee in the yard ~ snuggles on the couch
and a new marrow bone to chew on

life is good



I ordered myself something this week from here
kind of a "I made it thru this week from hell" gift
Jeanne is having a sale and the prices cannot be beat!



so now we celebrate
it's our first long week-end of the summer season

tomorrow we pack up the truck and head to the cottage
we are in cleaning mode ~ air it out
make it livable ~ enjoyable

just a day trip though as Sunday I plan to get out in the flowerbeds
and then Monday I will put on my sunglasses
raise my glass and read my book
I have a date with the deck
and it looks like Mr. Sunshine is going to stick around
the entire time!

makes me giddy just thinking about it...

Hope you all had a great week
and that the sun shines upon you this week-end.