Monday, May 21, 2012

Holiday Monday

What a beautiful week-end
and thankfully
it is not over yet

see that sky ~ this was Saturday

we were heading down to the cottage and I said to Trev
when I say pull over ~ just do it
don't ask why

so he said ~ why??
he IS a good boy you know

every Spring I see this tree
and every year I want to pull over to take a picture

this year I made it happen
not sure if it is 2 trees growing into one
or a hybrid

all I know is that it is pretty cool looking
too bad for the houses and wiring and stuff
would likely look nice framed.

So as I was saying
Saturday was cottage day
not a day to wander around with my camera
but a day for cleaning
and boy did we clean

by the end of it all we were exhausted
of course Mom pooped out before I did
rightly so
I really could have slept standing up
and poor little Molly got bit by blackflies
her left eye was swollen
along with her lady parts
luckily everything was back to normal Sunday morning

one thing I did take time for was a trip up to the farm

you see it was a requirement as I wanted some rhubarb
so I got lots ~ enough to put some in the freezer too
rhubarb + strawberries = yummy
you can't go wrong with that combo in my opinion

the raspberry bushes are coming along
it won't be long now...

Sunday was a day to get some things done
but at a slower pace
no deadlines or expectations

I took Mom to the garden center
and bought her a couple of hanging baskets
as that was her Mother's Day gift

then after some errands I picked up Cathy
and we headed to another garden center

I bought a couple of baskets for myself 
and some pansies to plant ~ love those little faces!

I have not yet made my list of what I need to get
for all my containers but hope to have it done up
this week so I can go and dig in the dirt

the bestneighborsever came over for a bbq
and after dinner we had some unexpected visitors

Mr & Mrs. Duck stopped by to say hi
and to see if there were any leftovers
sorry kids ~ better luck next time

we giggled as we have seen lots of ducks around the neighborhood before
but these are getting so tame and just wander around
they are a cute couple.

Today I am doing nothing
well I will be preparing food
and reading
and sitting in my lounger

but other than that
nothing ~ nada ~ zip

Happy Victoria Day
to all my Canadian peeps!


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

That is a beautiful tree Lori....we have a similar one opposite our house but the blossom has finished now. Actually, the other night ( about 2.a.m) a car sped around the corner, knocked down five wooden posts, went up the grass verge and smashed into the tree and took a chunk out of the bark but, I think that the tree was OK ( so was the driver, thank goodness !)
Have a wonderful day off and get busy doing nothing !! XXXX

Cathi said...

Sounds like a fun yet busy weekend, Lori! Last week when I came home from work, I had a couple ducks in my yard too - I had never seen that before! Have a relaxing holiday and think of poor Cathi slaving over her desk today. Haha. xxoo

Lissa said...

enjoy your day off Lori! And did you take that picture of the rhubarb on the table? Good job!! I'm glad you captured that tree~ It's those kinds of simple moments that make life wonderful!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Wow that tree is so cool. Enjoy every second of your relaxing day. I need a day to just read. I have about a dozen half read books on my joke.

Unknown said...

Love the rhubarb shots! wow it's huge already!!