Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Potpourri

I have been absent
disconnected and hiding out

not really but it sounds better than
burned out
stressed out
and eating too much this week!

I have been busy and although my intentions were good
no words other than comments on other blogs
have been written in the last 5 days


Mother's Day I spent with my Mama
we drank tea and talked
and played crib
then got Chinese for supper ~ it was low key and laid back


work has been crazy ~ lots of expectations
but we made it through with some chocolate
and talks off the ledge!


Spring is truly here ~ things are green
I love the sound of lawns being mowed
and the smell of fresh cut grass


Molly celebrated 5 candles on Tuesday
and we did what she wanted that night which included
playing frisbee in the yard ~ snuggles on the couch
and a new marrow bone to chew on

life is good



I ordered myself something this week from here
kind of a "I made it thru this week from hell" gift
Jeanne is having a sale and the prices cannot be beat!



so now we celebrate
it's our first long week-end of the summer season

tomorrow we pack up the truck and head to the cottage
we are in cleaning mode ~ air it out
make it livable ~ enjoyable

just a day trip though as Sunday I plan to get out in the flowerbeds
and then Monday I will put on my sunglasses
raise my glass and read my book
I have a date with the deck
and it looks like Mr. Sunshine is going to stick around
the entire time!

makes me giddy just thinking about it...

Hope you all had a great week
and that the sun shines upon you this week-end.



Farmgirl Paints said...

i know i've missed ya. hope you have a beautiful sunny weekend.

Anonymous said...

Lori, I love everything in your blog!
Hugs, Daniela

Cathi said...

Well, I too missed your fabulous posts, but I know just how you feel. Work has been crazy for me and then I have had alot of things going on in the evenings that have kept me from my computer (which is a good thing!) Cheers to a wonderful weekend for you - it sounds perfectly lovely! Hugs and smiles, sweet friend! xxoo


Your weekend plans sound like the perfect cure for your crazy week.