Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Potpourri

In a few short hours
I will be starting a weeks vacation
and I am ready for it


I walked out the door for work one morning this week
to the smell of a wood fire burning ~ the smoke curling around the neighbourhood
fog over the river and geese honking overhead
making me smile and grateful for days like this

it's not quite winter but no longer feeling like autumn
the end of November always feels this way
snow makes it seem softer ~ less harsh
after the colourful show that was fall


I will not be lounging around on this week off
I have shopping to finish ~ cookies to bake
and cards to drop in the mail

I absolutely love having this week off ~ I really do
as it takes the pressure off getting things done on the weekends

tomorrow night is game night so I will finish my decorating
do some food prep and make sure the beverages are cold



I hope all my US friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving
and you all had a great week

whatever your plans this weekend
do it with love

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Yesterday I almost had a mini panic attack
thinking that I was lagging behind
things that should be done weren't
will I be ready?

then I looked at the calendar
it was the 23rd of November
so no ~ I am not running behind schedule
as a matter of fact I am ahead of the game

it seems everywhere I turn in blog land 
people are all decked out for Christmas

I loved this post last week from Jeanne

I know people are getting ready for home tours
and Thanksgiving 
they have their trees up ~ the halls are decked

but I will sit here sipping my hot chocolate
and finish writing up my Christmas cards
and come the 1st I will be ready
no panic attacks necessary


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Twinkle Twinkle

The last couple of weekends I have taken a break
from cooking and cleaning
and have spent my time in my renovated room
with no natural light ~ creating

finally taking some of those things I have pinned
and made them for myself

I have also been having some fun with my chalkboard
wow ~ there are so many cool quotes and fonts
plain inspiration everywhere you look

since our Thanksgiving was last month I chose this one
as I thought it was a bit early for me 
to be putting something Christmas related on it

a couple of weekends ago I made these sweater pillows

again ~ crappy lighting ~ sorry about that!

found on Pinterest ~ a couple of sweaters from goodwill
some batting and stuffing and I used embroidery floss instead of thread

I have 2 or 3 more sweaters to do and 
can't wait to see how they will look on the couch.

This past weekend I made these...

egg cartons + paint + mini lights = cute!

I love them and they were too easy to make
again ~ another Pinterest find

so my little corner of the world is basically complete
that sweater hanging over the chair was one my Grammy Brown made me
and I cannot part with it ~ so after the chair gets recovered with this fabric
the sweater will become another pillow!

I picked this up on my trip 
and it is awaiting a perfect little spot of wall

thought I would take some random shots of my space
as I will soon be hauling out the Christmas wrap, ribbon and bows
and this will become filled with everything Christmas

yes that is my old stereo with a turntable
because you never know when the girls are going to show up 
and we will drag out the 45's and have a dance party!

see randomness and whiskers abound

along with peanut butter pie ~ to die for delicious 

and currently crushing on these ~ please come to Canada soon!

Happy Tuesday.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday Potpourri

OK ~ let's go back to autumn
crunchy leaves ~ warm days and cool nights

not wind chill and bitter cold
I am really not ready for this


I find it very hard to believe that we are half way through November
the time is flying ~ it will be Christmas before we know it!

I am thankful that I have most of my shopping done
and plan to have everything done by the first week of December
I am talking decorating, baking, shopping and shipping
I am a girl on a mission

wearing cozy sweaters, socks and scarves
drinking tea and lattes
running errands and snuggling with the fur babies
cooking soups and casseroles
reading books, blogs and magazines
it is the season for nesting

last weekend I spent some time being creative
it felt good to let everything else be and focus on me
and then not feel guilty about it

I made a couple of sweater pillows and will show you soon



this weekend will be more comfort food
yummy smelling candles
cleaning and organizing
and spending some quality time
with my little family



what are your plans?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sweet November

I must say that November has been pretty sweet so far
even though it did start out as a rain event
which made for a crappy drive to our destination
but after an hour's wait to cross the border ~ and another hour or so drive
we arrived no worse for wear

we talked all the way ~ caught up ~ truth baring heavy stuff
and lots of laughs as well

the weather cleared and it got warm
which helped in lugging our bags out to the car so we could continue shopping

we stocked up on things we can not get at home
did a lot of Christmas shopping
and picked up a few treats or so for ourselves

I spotted this on Saturday and thought how easy would that be to make
so I did what any normal girl would do and snapped a pic so I could use it as a guide later!

Sunday we packed up and headed for home
the car was full ~ and our wallets empty
but it was so worth it

the open road ~ the talking was done
it was time to turn up the music and sing
we figure we hit almost every genre of music and several decades
because that is how we roll

while I was away ~ Katrina celebrated her birthday
19 candles this year ~ hard to believe
I missed her dinner but will make it up to her soon

I took Monday off and I am so glad that I did
honestly I felt like I had been to a huge party and had a hangover
although no alcohol was consumed the day or night before

I snuggled with my furry kids
sorted through and put away all my new treasures
and made a nice dinner for hubby 
it was a day well spent

today was take your kids to work day
so I took my niece Sam and my brother's step daughter Alayna

apparently they got bored this morning during a little bit of down time
and took some selfies ~ too cute!

they had fun though and got a peek into my everyday.

Getting around slowly to catch up with my blog reading
and thankful it is Wednesday already

hope you are having a great week.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Potpourri


the countdown is over as I have been waiting for this weekend for 2 months

in just a couple of hours I will be hitting the road
on a little girl's getaway
it is needed ~ I am so looking forward to it


it will include lots of talking and shopping
sharing loves, hopes and plans for the future
eating great food and just maybe a few beverages
and it will include singing ~ we love to sing in the car

love this friendship and I I know new memories will be made.

Happy weekend!