Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sweet November

I must say that November has been pretty sweet so far
even though it did start out as a rain event
which made for a crappy drive to our destination
but after an hour's wait to cross the border ~ and another hour or so drive
we arrived no worse for wear

we talked all the way ~ caught up ~ truth baring heavy stuff
and lots of laughs as well

the weather cleared and it got warm
which helped in lugging our bags out to the car so we could continue shopping

we stocked up on things we can not get at home
did a lot of Christmas shopping
and picked up a few treats or so for ourselves

I spotted this on Saturday and thought how easy would that be to make
so I did what any normal girl would do and snapped a pic so I could use it as a guide later!

Sunday we packed up and headed for home
the car was full ~ and our wallets empty
but it was so worth it

the open road ~ the talking was done
it was time to turn up the music and sing
we figure we hit almost every genre of music and several decades
because that is how we roll

while I was away ~ Katrina celebrated her birthday
19 candles this year ~ hard to believe
I missed her dinner but will make it up to her soon

I took Monday off and I am so glad that I did
honestly I felt like I had been to a huge party and had a hangover
although no alcohol was consumed the day or night before

I snuggled with my furry kids
sorted through and put away all my new treasures
and made a nice dinner for hubby 
it was a day well spent

today was take your kids to work day
so I took my niece Sam and my brother's step daughter Alayna

apparently they got bored this morning during a little bit of down time
and took some selfies ~ too cute!

they had fun though and got a peek into my everyday.

Getting around slowly to catch up with my blog reading
and thankful it is Wednesday already

hope you are having a great week.


Farmgirl Paints said...

Was that you behind those packages? You've been busy friend!


I like road trips for good long chats, too. How fun to be ahead on your Christmas shopping.