Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Potpourri


the countdown is over as I have been waiting for this weekend for 2 months

in just a couple of hours I will be hitting the road
on a little girl's getaway
it is needed ~ I am so looking forward to it


it will include lots of talking and shopping
sharing loves, hopes and plans for the future
eating great food and just maybe a few beverages
and it will include singing ~ we love to sing in the car

love this friendship and I I know new memories will be made.

Happy weekend!


Unknown said...

Oh let me come too, I'm really good at singing in the car :)

I love the image of you doing that....years ago one of my best friends moved to Cyprus & I went out for a holiday....we used to sing really loudly on the half hour trip to the beach, we still look back on it at one of the best holidays ever, and laugh at the image of us singing!!

It sounds wonderful Lori, nothing is as good as a time with your girls, have fun Xx

Leslie Harris said...

Have fun Lori! Anyone who sings in a car is my BFF, especially if you sing off key hahaha. You're so lucky to be getting away, I can't wait to hear all about it.

Cathi said...

Have a fabulous time - we sing in the car all the time especially on road trips! Cheers to a wonderful weekend! I am off to have a few beverages with my girlfriends tonight! xxoo