Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I said on Friday that I was not going to do anything
or go anywhere on the weekend
and I stayed true to my word

I had something happen on Saturday as I was sitting out on the front porch
a little dragon fly came in ~ landed on one leg
then the other before it flew away

it made me smile 
I know I have told the story of the little dragon fly down at the cottage
and how I always say it is Dad keeping an eye on us

it touched me in a way
like being surrounded in his arms in a big hug
funny but true

so the weekend was full of

grilled cheese sandwiches ~ made perfectly
hearty lasagna soup
scrambled eggs and toast
stuffed shells with fresh crusty rolls that were squishy inside
aka bread heaven

it was full of

happy mail from a special friend
time in my craft room ~ organization complete
and now I can create

catching up on tv shows
bubble baths and a good book
more organizing in the kitchen because I wanted to
and not because I had to
magazine and blog reading
popcorn and chocolate
and many games of candy crush

plus many little play sessions with this little monkey
she sure loves her red ball
and her mama too.....


Cathi said...

It sounds like a perfect weekend! I had a very relaxing non eventful weekend (which I love). I spent Sunday afternoon laying at the park reading and at times just gazing up at the trees and sky and listening to the kids playing and laughing at the playground! Later on I had a fabulous dinner with Alex after his day of watching football with the guys. Your little Molly is too adorable! xxoo

Blondie's Journal said...

I have a lot of weekends like this, Lori, maybe not as crammed full of precious time for myself but I think you appreciate them more as you work outside your home and treasure your free time. That is wonderful! And for what it's worth, I sometimes miss the structure of having a job. It gives you a sense of purpose.

Anyway, I'm so glad your weekend was full of good, relaxing moments. And that soup looks soooo good! :)


Blondie's Journal said...

Me again...I was just wondering what sort of dog you have there.


Leslie Harris said...

Lori your weekend sounds wonderful and I just love the photos of petite Molly with her little ball. How cute! She's so happy hanging out with her Momma....what would we do without our fur babies?