Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Ramblings

This week-end was low key

I puttered around
both in the house and on the computer

I had a side kick at some points of the day
he climbs on you like your a jungle gym before
he settles in back there

ok with me ~ he is like a cordless heating pad
a magic bag

and he's not mad ~ that's just his face
he looks grumpy all the time

Cooper is due for his springtime cut
overdue actually as I booked it 2 weeks ago
and she could only get us in on the 15th
I also learned that Molly knows what
mani/pedi means and goes and hides behind Trevor
apparently my little doggy does not like getting her nails done
not very girly is she??

we ate well
slept well
worked well 
relaxed well

I bought a new nail polish
Revlon ~ Guava
it is a pinky coral 

forgive the toe shot but I do not have model feet
guess they match the rest of my body ~ ha!

it is a really pretty color and a new shade for Spring.

I also bought this

not the greatest pic but it is a drink dispenser
please forgive the cat food behind it but I used 
Cooper's perch to set it on to take the shot

I am so excited to mix up a new batch of "swish"
this summer since it went over so great last year
recipe found here

when I grabbed my camera and went outside on Sunday afternoon
I thought that things were really early this year

so I came in and compared them to shots from last year

things are early ~ but not as much as I originally thought
but the weather has been freaky
not needing any coat one day then cold enough the next
for a few flurries of snow
crazy but everything is so green ~ I'll take it!

This week we have a celebration on Wednesday
so I am looking forward to that

hope you had a wonderful week-end
and that the coming week is kind.


Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Potpourri

They say the April showers bring May flowers
and by the looks of things around here
I believe it to be true


everything on the east coast is early this year
the trees are not just budding
but in some cases the leaves are unfurling
and everything is green green green


Spring is truly one of my favorite seasons
seeing everything waking up and poking their little heads
out of the ground ~ making sure the coast is clear


so today I am drawn to florals ~ greens ~ pastals
things that are fresh


and always ruffles ~ you can't go wrong with ruffles!



it's been kind of an off week for me
not feeling like myself
busy at work ~ attempting to change my routine
hoping to fit some better things into my schedule
or fly by the seat of my pants and throw the schedule away

love that it stays lighter at night
if it dries up some I hope to get out in the flowerbeds

last night I gave myself a manicure
first one of the season

and maybe ~ just maybe
I will go out and buy myself a new pair of these!

Hope you had a great week and that the sun shines 
upon you this week-end.


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Master Bedroom ~ Final Reveal

Well it only took over a year
to complete the room
and I am cheating when I say it is complete
because it's not done done
not Lori done
but it is done enough to have my little reveal!

Everything started way back in November of 2010
when I found a quilt I loved

that was my springboard
and I took off running from there!

So a little background
we have been in the house 10 years this month

the bedroom was painted the day we took possession
the day before the movers arrived with the furniture

it was priority because we had a waterbed back then
so once it goes in it stays in ~ it was something you would have to paint around
is anybody with me here??

been there ~ done that??

so I digressed there ~ nothing else was done with the room
it kinda looked like a dorm room
with a king size bed

so I previously posted about it here and here

here is the before:

and here it is today

isn't it amazing what a little paint and planning can do to a space!

the headboard went from this...

to this

inexpensive frames became works of art when I chose
4 shots of our New York City trip
enlarged them to 5x7 and had them printed in sepia
and framed them

I love this wall!

we found our flooring in August of last year
and I stained the baseboards last fall

then Trev installed them on Easter week-end which I wrote about here

I love the new floor and the area rug
talk about a steal of a deal

I was looking for an 8x10 and my friends they are
expensioso ~ but on our 4th stop we stumbled across
this one ~ just a plain Jane ~ match our walls
shut up! for $40.00
yup ~ I know ~ it was marked as damaged
so we brought it home ~ rolled it out and could not find a thing
wrong with it ~ then we did the happy dance on it!

We replaced the hunter green venetian blind
with a faux wood shutter type blind and I love it

everything is coming together
(insert smile here)

i am still looking for a vintage piece for here
I will have to start looking around
as the season to flea is starting here soon

I am also looking at another tv
a little flat screen and I can get rid of this boat anchor!

And just in case you noticed the 1980's flying saucer in the room
I have not yet found a new ceiling fan

she might be ugly but let me tell you it's like being under
a helicopter and in the summer when you do not any any A/C
ugly does not matter!

and I thought I might try to paint or stain the closet doors
would you go the same color as the walls or
dark like the new flooring??

would love to have some opinions....

so there you have it ~ my almost done master bedroom

I like it ~ I like it a lot!

Hope the week-end has been kind
mine has been a lazy one ~ did a few things but only
things that I had to do

with that being said ~ I forgot to water the plants
ta ta for now!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Potpourri

The week it was a busy one
but a good busy

I am dreaming of lilacs ~ the trees are starting to bud out
so soon they with leaf up and then I can start my annual hunt!

I am loving the sunshine in this shot ~ not the best place to sleep 
if you are not a morning person but look at that light!


a must try recipe ~ will gather the ingredients and try to make them
this pretty.  I will let you know how they turn out.


in my mind these are going to a brightly lit studio 
a place for creating

only in my dreams.....


I had the most wonderful birthday
I came home to roses
was taken out to dinner
and spent the rest of the evening relaxing
it was the perfect day


this week-end they are calling for rain
so my outdoor work will be put on hold
so I will see what kind of trouble I can get into indoors!

I could not create a post without saying a personal goodbye
to a legend ~ an icon

what this man did for the music industry was phenominal
I raise my glass to him and say

"Thank You Dick
May you Rest in Peace"

Wishing you a wonderful week-end!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Extra Special Days

Today is going to be a good day

I get to blow out the candles on the cake
and there are a lot of them
just saying!

I am also sending out birthday wishes to my birthday twin
the lady I lovingly call "sweets"
on the west coast

Mikal over at Mikal's Landing

she is recuperating today after surgery yesterday
so drop on over and show her some birthday love

dinner out tonight with my handsome boy
then the week-end will be all about me!

Happy Wednesday!