Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Ramblings

This week-end was low key

I puttered around
both in the house and on the computer

I had a side kick at some points of the day
he climbs on you like your a jungle gym before
he settles in back there

ok with me ~ he is like a cordless heating pad
a magic bag

and he's not mad ~ that's just his face
he looks grumpy all the time

Cooper is due for his springtime cut
overdue actually as I booked it 2 weeks ago
and she could only get us in on the 15th
I also learned that Molly knows what
mani/pedi means and goes and hides behind Trevor
apparently my little doggy does not like getting her nails done
not very girly is she??

we ate well
slept well
worked well 
relaxed well

I bought a new nail polish
Revlon ~ Guava
it is a pinky coral 

forgive the toe shot but I do not have model feet
guess they match the rest of my body ~ ha!

it is a really pretty color and a new shade for Spring.

I also bought this

not the greatest pic but it is a drink dispenser
please forgive the cat food behind it but I used 
Cooper's perch to set it on to take the shot

I am so excited to mix up a new batch of "swish"
this summer since it went over so great last year
recipe found here

when I grabbed my camera and went outside on Sunday afternoon
I thought that things were really early this year

so I came in and compared them to shots from last year

things are early ~ but not as much as I originally thought
but the weather has been freaky
not needing any coat one day then cold enough the next
for a few flurries of snow
crazy but everything is so green ~ I'll take it!

This week we have a celebration on Wednesday
so I am looking forward to that

hope you had a wonderful week-end
and that the coming week is kind.



Jacqueline @ HOME said...

I think that the weather has been crazy all over the world Lori. We haven't had much rain for the past two years but now it's making up for it as it has been pouring for days.....sunny today though.
Sounds as if you had a lovely relaxing weekend too ..... animals are so much cleverer than we give them credit for, aren't they !
Have a lovely week and, I want to see that drinks dispenser filled to the brim ! XXXX

christine donee said...

I love a good, relaxing weekend. Nothing better!

Pearl said...

Love the nail polish color!

And I'm sorry, but your grumpy-looking-not-grumpy cat cracks me up.



kimberly said...

1. I love when you post photos of yourself!
2. I so need a pedicure!
3. I have that same juice container in blue!

Happy week to you my friend~

Cathi said...

I'll take one of those swish drinks - it sounds wonderful! Yes our weather has been kind of crazy - hot one day, raining the next. Hoping it settles into some nice consistent weather. I went and got a mani/pedi this weekend. There's a place nearby that serves coffee, tea or wine while doing mani/pedi's in soft cushy chairs - definitely going there next time. Have a fab week, lovely friend! Hugs and sunshine to you! xxoo

this free bird said...

Cooper is THE MAN!!