Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Potpourri

It is Friday
and we celebrate a long weekend
and that makes me happy


it has been another busy week
running ~ visiting ~ catching up ~ getting things done

it's all good ~ love this time of year



tonight I will pull out my flags
stick them in the flower pots ~ hang my bunting
this is one of my favourite holidays
fireworks and the colour red
yeah ~ a no brainer
and sunshine ~ please let there be sunshine!



we have a full weekend planned

gatherings with friends ~ another with family

free concerts downtown

Canada Day in the park


will have camera in hand to capture the festivities


I had dinner this week with a couple of ladies I used to work with
it was so good to see them ~ we sat and talked until the restaurant closed
then promised to get together again soon


Wishing all my Canadian friends a
Happy Canada Day

and everyone else a wonderful weekend!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weekend Mash Up

While scrolling through my pictures on my phone
I realized that I have so much to share

I did post last weekends shots on Facebook
and shared some on Instagram
but here is a little mash-up of last weekend

we arrived at the cottage on Saturday
to a sea of blue ~ the yard was full of forget me nots

they have been finished at home for awhile
so I was pleasantly surprised to see them here
and hated to mow them down

the buttercups were gorgeous and I took quite a few shots
to show Mom as she was not able to come down with us

then it was up to the farm to pick some rhubarb

and to the cemetery to plant some flowers

I cut washed and cut all the rhubarb up on Tuesday night
and bagged it for the freezer
I can't wait to make some goodies with it!

Sunday was Father's day and we went to the camp
to spend the afternoon with his Mum & Dad
I took everything we needed for supper and we feasted on bbq

he also put together his smoker that we got him for Christmas
so next weekend we are having a "rib extravaganza"
can't wait to try these ribs!

I love love love this time of year
and true to form ~ I am out every night doing one thing or the other
last week was no exception

of course I posted about my little Miss
and her junior prom on Thursday night
she makes my heart sing

Friday night looking down the river
I figured we were in for a light show

and man did it ever rain
that first crack of thunder scared the crap out of me
but out to the front porch we went to watch the rain come down
and the light show that only Mother Nature can provide

Trev is all finished work for the summer
perks of driving the big yellow bus full of kiddies around
so he headed out last night after supper
to spend some quality time with his bestie

4 wheeling was just one of the things on his list
some fun and some relaxation ~ I know he is having both

so with him gone it was just me and the furry kids
and I decided that I would take some shots of what made me
smile today

old tubs filled with flowers and sweet peas climbing up 
an old chair back

a sidekick that loves nature as much as I do

peonies in bloom

a sweet treat for getting some things accomplished today
instead of sitting on my butt on the deck!

fresh local berries ~ what to make what to make?

Canada Day prep is starting
next weekend ~ so excited ~ one of my favourite holidays!

Have a great week!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Petals and the Junior Prom

I have been on peony watch the last week or so
and was rewarded for my patience with these

they are gorgeous ~ aren't they??!!

another gorgeous site tonight was this piece of my heart
my niece ~ Samantha

I walked into the house ~ there early to take some pictures
and she took my breath away
I had to hold back the tears

with her little sister

I thought that this was a wonderful message they had up for the students

 the gym was decorated in a 70's theme
with a big disco ball ~ I wanted to stay for the dance!!

poor thing ~ there were 2 of us following her around
like the paparazzi ~ I think she was happy to hear that we were heading out
and leaving her with her friends to enjoy the night

this is her with her Dad ~ my brother 

the 3 sisters with their little cousin

with her best buds

a last shot with me and my girls ~  Kat & Sam ~ it was a beautiful night.