Saturday, December 29, 2012

~ Blessed ~

When we look back at the year that was
what jumps out at you

was it the happy times
or do the sad ones seem to take over

with me I think about the ones that 
impacted me the most

like Mom's close call and time spent in the hospital
and Trev losing his job

but I can see how much we are blessed

Mom is still here with us

and Trev has found something else that he enjoys doing
he is happy to get up way to early in the mornings
and drive that big yellow bus
full of littles back and forth to school

see ~ blessed

this is us on New Years Eve
last year
crappy phone picture ~ but we are happy
we were with some of our closest friends
and that is how we started out 2012

this year I found beauty in a dandelion

fell even more in love with this little monkey

spent some time in the place I love the most

watched the sunset at the beach

stopped to smell the roses ~ the sunflowers too!

heard the crunch of the leaves as summer gave way to fall

and made some new memories with these 2
my nieces Sam & Kat

love love love these girls of mine.

So today as I reflect on the year that was
my word of the year will be


that is my life and I need to stop and remind myself
every so often.

Happy New Year 
to all of my friends that I have met through blogging

I also feel blessed to have you all in my life.

Hugs & Love


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Family & Festivities

Hey out there
are you full yet!

I think we started eating last Friday
and have not stopped since

we joke at work saying that we have to dig to the back of the
closet for our buffet pants!

I honestly could not get a good picture of our tree this year
must be getting shaky in my old age
yeah ~ I know ~ excuses excuses

my girls ~ they are growing up so fast

on the 23rd we went to the Christmas concert at my brother's church
put on by the youth group

my Sambo was Mary
and hardly cracked a smile!

this is Ceara and Alayna ~ the other 2 girls in my life now
they are my brother's finance's girls
who are also in youth ~ Ceara made the cutest little angel

Katrina was there too ~ director, producer and wardrobe queen extraordinaire!
and she is here with Mom

Christmas eve I worked but got off early and 
after the candlelight service at church
we all came back here for drinks and finger foods

Christmas day was busy but not hectic
and Boxing Day we were home most of the day
before going to Trev's parents for turkey dinner

we had a great time ~ were spoiled rotten
and I feel blessed to be part of not one but 2 great families.

Right now we are in the midst of a snowstorm
and I will be ok ~ as long as we don't lose power.

Hope your Christmas was merry.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Wishes

Taking this opportunity
to wish all of you 
a very Merry Christmas

everything is ready

bring on the food, family and fun!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Potpourri

When I was putting out my decorations
I came across my series of Coke Christmas plates
and along with it
is a musical snow globe

I wound it up and of course it played
that old song that I remember so well
and it made me smile

as I write this the snow is gently falling
I just finished my wrapping
sweet tray is made up to take to work tomorrow

I am all cozied up on the couch
with Molly by my side
and instead of thinking about the countless things 
I have left on my to do list

I am reflecting...

thinking about how thankful I am today
surrounded by friends and family

digging deep ~ trying to relax
and let the spirit of Christmas take over my thoughts
instead of the hustle and bustle
and commercialization of it all

one of my best friends lost her father in law yesterday
and my heart aches for them

there really is not a good time for it
but when it happens around the holidays
it seems sadder

being together ~ and not worrying about the tree
or the decor or the paper or the bows

none of that matters
it's the people that you surround yourself with
that do

sometimes we all need just a little reminder...

so this week-end I will be the rock for my bestie and her family

toast friendships both old and new tonight and tomorrow night

enjoy a Christmas concert at church on Sunday morning
starring my 2 favourite girls Kat & Sam

and spend Sunday night ~ curled up by the tree
taking in the glow and the spirit of it all.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Festive Days

I was asked to pull the pictures from my sidebar
and put them into a post

so here it is!

it was go go go all week-end
tree trimming ~ cookies to bake
menus to finalize ~ grocery lists to make
and a little gathering on Saturday night
made for busy times

I will start my wrapping tonight
love putting on the music and just getting it all done


there seems to be something going on every night this week
but that is ok ~ I revel in it this time of year

after the tragedy of Friday
I stayed off social media for most of the week-end
I just couldn't do it ~ I was too emotional

as I was putting the lights on the tree on Saturday
I broke down ~ a snotty mess of tears

those families are in my prayers


I love getting around to visit the blogs right now
so many pretty things




Hope your week-end was full of more smiles than tears.