Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Potpourri

When I was putting out my decorations
I came across my series of Coke Christmas plates
and along with it
is a musical snow globe

I wound it up and of course it played
that old song that I remember so well
and it made me smile

as I write this the snow is gently falling
I just finished my wrapping
sweet tray is made up to take to work tomorrow

I am all cozied up on the couch
with Molly by my side
and instead of thinking about the countless things 
I have left on my to do list

I am reflecting...

thinking about how thankful I am today
surrounded by friends and family

digging deep ~ trying to relax
and let the spirit of Christmas take over my thoughts
instead of the hustle and bustle
and commercialization of it all

one of my best friends lost her father in law yesterday
and my heart aches for them

there really is not a good time for it
but when it happens around the holidays
it seems sadder

being together ~ and not worrying about the tree
or the decor or the paper or the bows

none of that matters
it's the people that you surround yourself with
that do

sometimes we all need just a little reminder...

so this week-end I will be the rock for my bestie and her family

toast friendships both old and new tonight and tomorrow night

enjoy a Christmas concert at church on Sunday morning
starring my 2 favourite girls Kat & Sam

and spend Sunday night ~ curled up by the tree
taking in the glow and the spirit of it all.




You have inspired me to enjoy more moments this week.

I am sorry for your friends loss.


Lissa said...

Have a very merry Christmas Lori! I'm so sorry for your friend. Neal has an uncle dying of cancer and he's just trying to make it through Christmas for his kids. It makes the rest of Christmas like the shopping, etc. seem so unimportant.

Cathi said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friends loss - give her lots of love and hugs! I'm going thru that with one of my besties being very ill, it makes for a bittersweet holiday but also is a reminder to live eac day as if it were our last! Merry Christmas, my friend! You are a daily joy to me! xxoo

Lou said...

Hi Lori - I know exactly what you mean; somehow any loss seems keener at Christmas time and for those who are dealing with loss, I worry that Christmas will always be tainted for them. You are right - it is a time to try not to worry about the little things and just to take stock and be grateful. I hope you have a relaxing time. Lou x

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Dear LOri,
Hope that you are enjoying your Sunday and relaxing after all of the hard work of Christmas preparations. We really do have to take stock of what is really important at this time of year and hearing that a friend has lost a family member really does put everything in perspective doesn't it ?
Wishing you and your family and friends a wonderful, peaceful Christmas and thank you for another year of blogging friendship. Enjoy every minute of the Christmas holidays. Much love. XXXX

Unknown said...

I am sorry for your friend's loss Lori, it does seem even sadder when it happens this time of year.

I so agree that it's surrounding yourself with friends & loved ones that is so important.

A lovely post XX