Monday, December 3, 2012

Just Call me Cookie

Good morning sweets
hope everyone had a great week-end

I got lots done but also did not go full tilt 
like I usually do as I knew I had more time to get 
some things accomplished

so the halls are decked ~ the cards are written
and the parcels are ready to go out in the mail

today is baking day and on the menu is 

I tend to make family favourites ~ ones that I know
that everyone loves and some that I only make
this time of year

peanut butter blossoms are my go to recipe
if I am going to a cookie exchange
they are always on my list

I started making my grandmother's oatmeal gumdrop cookies
a couple of years ago and now I want them every year

they are quick and easy and good!

birdnests are another cookie that I remember from my childhood
every woman on my Dad's side of the family made them
and they are a Christmastime staple
and they have to be filled with raspberry jam
any other kind of jam just wouldn't be right

I found this chocolate chip shortbread recipe last year
but never got a chance to make them ~ so this year
they are on the list again

I am thinking of starting out with them today 
so I can ensure they will get completed!


 there are so many other great recipes out there
especially since we now have virtual recipe boxes
on Pinterest and the other great cooking websites 
and blogs out there


 my mother in law is making shortbread cookies, 
peanut butter balls and cherry surprises along with a 
couple of other yummy things ~ so we trade off with each 
other ~ it works for us and gives us both a great
variety for the holiday season.

Are you baking this year?
What are your favourites or must haves
to celebrate the Christmas season?

I don't think it would be Christmas here without 
peanut butter balls and shortbread cookies

just sayin....

Happy Monday!


bec said...

they all look scrumptious...I must try some of these...
Bec x


Enjoy your day in the kitchen, Cookie, I mean, Lori.


Mikal said...

I think good Shortbread is the ultimate perfection. Let me know how that cookie works out!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Uh this is not what i should've looked at right before I went to bed.

Cathi said...

My goodness you are so organized! I love your cookie list especially the chocolate chip shortbread, I am adding those to my list this year. My specialty are snickerdoodles, oatmeal chocolate chip ranger cookies, shortbread cookies and an assortment of vegan treats for my daughter. Have a wonderful week! xxoo

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

oh my goodness, Lori, I bet everything you made is delicious. I love cookies around the holidays! My mom and I are getting together this weekend to make some of her famous sugar cookies for my bunco friends and I to decorate on Sunday. Wish I lived close enough to you to try some of the yummy baked goods you made ;)