Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Potpourri

As we flip our calenders tomorrow
December will be there
and some of us will smile ~ seeing week-ends full of
family and friends
gatherings and preparations


while others will panic
counting down ~ trying to figure out
how on earth they will everything get done

cards and wrapping
baking and decorating
entertaining and travelling


please sit back and remember
that the holidays are not about the stuff
it's about the feeling

it's about the love and joy on the kid's faces
of all the twinkling lights
and being surrounded by the ones you love


I have a sense of peace and calm
yes ~ my shopping is almost done
and I am on vacation as of 6:00 tonight


so I have a bit more time than I usually do
I hope to finish my decorating over the week-end
and next week I will do my baking 
and finish my shopping
and drop my cards and parcels in the mail


I feel I am ahead of the game
there will still be lots to do
but hopefully I will not stress out
but rather enjoy the calm and feeling
of having things done.

I am getting things checked off my lists
and that my friends ~ feels good.

Wishing you a week-end full of laughter
and smiles.



Blondie's Journal said...

You are way ahead of the game girl, and that makes me happy! I haven't started any of these things and I'm trying not to stress out, that gets me nowhere fast!

I'm glad you are getting some time off from work...enjoy!!


Farmgirl Paints said...

have a great week off friend. you should make that caramel thing you posted a picture off. i seriously about fell off my chair...YUM!

Mikal said...

I agree with Becky - those caramels (and the cookies) look amazing! Did you find recipes for them?

Have a great weekend sweets!


You are off to a great start ... actually almost done. Now you have plenty of time to put the tea kettle on, eh?


Kimberly said...

This may be my favorite post you have ever done. Amen sister- slow down and enjoy what you already have, surrounded by Christmas music, good food and those you love. I can't wait to really find the joy of the season this year with my boys~

Lou said...

Hi Lori :-) Oh that chocolate caramel bite is just calling my name!! You do the best seasonal posts. So - hope all is well with you, you always strike me as being organised for the holidays. I am getting there, have a girl's day with Boo today (the 'menfolk' have gone to watch England play rugby) so we are Christmas shopping. I see a hot chocolate on the horizon too! Lou x

Cathi said...

Beautiful and delicious post, Lori! I have not bought one gift yet, but I may go shopping today. I definitely don't stress about the holidays any more, I just enjoy the festivities and time with my loved ones! Next week We will get our tree and decorate. Happy weekend, sweet friend! xxoo