Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Potpourri

Can you believe that it is the end of June already...
where has the time gone!


and officially summertime
which means so many good things!

and speaking of good ~ we have been enjoying

cherries as snacks
peonies bursting open 
warmish nights = evenings on the deck


so many blooms and fresh cut grass
planting and weeding ~ enjoying all the green
time with my "big girl" camera  ~ I put it down too long


 first week of hubby's new job and so far ~ so good



tomorrow I will be putting out my red & white
as Canada Day is next week
so looking forward to it

it's a birthday weekend as we celebrate my MIL & SIL
with a brunch on Sunday

then my Sweet Pea turns 16 on the 2nd
I can't believe it ~ my Samantha is growing up
way too fast ~ I am a proud Auntie



and I always have room for a new potato salad recipe


Hope you had a great week
and that the weekend puts a smile on your face!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Main & Steadman

Like most I drive the same route to and from work every day
and every morning as I come around the corner
I see a sea of red & white

I say to myself ~ you need to come early one morning
and get some shots with your phone
but it never happened

then last week ~ one night after supper
I changed my clothes and grabbed my camera
and away I went ~ off before the petals all dropped

and it is a good thing I did because after the rain we got this weekend
they are pretty much done ~ thankful that I had the timing right for this one

this is right outside the main police department in Moncton
and as I walked to this spot I thought back to last year
when I walked here with a heavy heart and tears streaming down my face
I am happy to say ~ this year I was smiling
it was a beautiful night and there were so many people downtown
smiles all around

I love the brickwork in the downtown core
as you come to a cross street ~ there is a marker bearing the street name

I jumped in the truck and went up a couple of blocks
to outside a business I passed the week before
and saw the most beautiful lilac bush

knowing that most of the lilacs were done ~ I held my breath as I came around the corner
and yeah ~ she is still blooming

isn't it beautiful ~ double blossoms with just a tint of mauve
and the smell was amazing ~ I may have snagged a couple just to enjoy for a few more days

so while I was out I decided to stop at another place
I pass by every single day

it's an old house converted into a business
and it has curb appeal up the wazoo

from her pretty blue door and her big pot full of flowers
to being surrounded by lilac bushes 
both sides and the bushes are huge ~ i could just sit down on the steps
and be very content

the retaining wall and the cascading greenery that blooms as well 
I really must stop back when this is in bloom
so so pretty

Can you believe that we are already half way through June?
The kids finish school this Friday
I think there is a prom every night this week so Facebook will be filling up with beautiful pictures

Hubby will finish out the school year being a bus driver and start a new adventure on Monday

I participated in the United Way ~ Day of Caring this past Friday
love giving back to these organizations

we celebrated my besties birthday on Saturday night
12 of us at a Japanese restaurant ~ seated around the grill
it was so much fun

not much else ~ feeling like summer
loving the sunshine and the heat
hoping to get to the cottage soon

Hope you have a great week!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Simple Pleasures

One of the things I do every morning is log onto the app Timehop on my phone.  It is one of my favourites as it pulls from social media posts from that date in past years.  As I usually tweet my blog posts, this one came up for me on Saturday morning.  Kim over at Kimberly Taylor Images had a series called "Simple Moments" and asked for guests to post on certain dates.  This was my post and since we were headed to the cottage that day ~ my words struck a chord with me.  I thought it was one of my best posts, so I thought I would share it again here for you.

Originally published May 30, 2012

I love the quote “you are responsible for your own happiness” so when Kim asked me to write a guest post about finding joy in the simple pleasures I was “in”!
Maybe it has something to do with getting older but I find myself stopping and looking around more often ~ trying to really see my surroundings.  Heading down the dirt road to the cape where the cottage is something I used to take for granted but not anymore.  I call it my little piece of heaven.  Knowing that there have been 5 generations travel on that same route makes me stop and smile ~ 5 ~ that’s amazing to me.
Our rustic little cabin nestled in the woods ~ milled from trees that Dad cut down with his father and brother.  The wood stove is our source of heat ~ perfect for a rainy or foggy night on the bay.  Smelling the fire and hearing the crackle of the flames takes me to a warm cozy place.
Going down the driveway and crossing the road and down the embankment to the beach.  Walking along and finding treasures ~ glass no longer sharp as it has been tumbled by the tides ~ the odd shell ~ and cool rocks of every shape size and color.  Come mid July the sandpipers will arrive ~ feasting on the mudflats while the tide is out and giving us an incredible air show when it comes in.  Grampy always called them the “peeps” ~ I watched them as a child and still sit and watch them in awe of their fluid moves ~ it truly is a site to see.
Not too far up the road is the farm ~ the place where my Dad was born.  I can spend so much time here ~ camera in hand ~ walking and just loving my surroundings.  Wildflowers in the field ~ my grandmother’s big rhubarb patch ~ the old hen house ~ the barn where we used to swing for hours ~ the blueberry fields and the best sliding hill around.  If you listen real hard you can hear music coming from the house ~ guitars and singing as a good old Maritime kitchen party kicks into gear.
They all spark a memory which wrap around me like an old well worn sweater and hug me tight.  That brings joy to my heart and sometimes a tear to my eye.

Other things that bring me joy are my 4 legged fur babies that always make me smile ~ a good book  ~ freshly cut grass ~ flowers blooming and knowing that vacation time is getting closer.

Happy Monday!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Potpourri

Well hello there.....

it's Friday ~ I am on vacation and thought it was high time 
to get my butt in gear and do a little update.

When I last posted it was my birthday eve
and I was looking forward to my party which was held at our place

I did not have to do a thing
I was taken out to dinner and came home to a decorated house

I was surrounded by family and friends that are near and dear to my heart

my girlfriend made my cake and I absolutely loved it
it was so me and all around the sides were musical notes
she knows me so well
I was spoiled rotten with flowers and gifts
it was a great night and as stressed out as Trev was planning it all
it was a huge success.

Trev's birthday was 2 weeks later and was more low key
as he only hits the "big one" next year

we celebrated with dinner out then back to the house for game night
with the best neighbours ever
I made a cake and we had some munchies
we always have a good time when we are together ~ even the dogs.

The weekends are starting to get busier as the warm weather arrives
we have been down to the cottage to hook up the rain barrel
and take the shutters off the windows 

I hope to get down there to clean on Saturday
since I will now have water and we finally are getting some
warmer temps
the sun feels good.

Last post I talked about a couple of my painting projects
and thought I would share some pics

the bathroom was originally a raspberry colour

remember back in the days of Trading Spaces
it used to be a Saturday night ritual
it made me bolder with my colour choices
but after 12 years it was time 

I primed it and then did 3 coats of paint
it has lightened up things so much

it is a soft yellow ~ buttery and so hard to get a picture of!

While I had the paintbrush out I decided to paint the closet doors 
in the bedroom

when I redid the bedroom 3 years ago
I wasn't sure if I wanted to paint the closet doors, 
stain them to match the flooring or get new ones

so one day while out running errands I made a snap decision
and went into the store where I buy all my paint
knowing that they would have the colour on file

honestly it took no time to do and I have no idea what took 
me so long!  The doors basically disappear and I am very pleased

why is painting such a dreaded task when the results are so rewarding?

so this week has been full of sunshine and warm weather
planting flowers ~ getting some sun
Trev found this nest out back ~ the babies were still in it
but they were dead
not sure what happened to the Mama

so he buried the babies and saved the nest for me
he is such a good boy!

It feels good to be back ~ I have been here for 6 years now
hard to believe  but there it is ~ hope to post 
on a more regular basis going forward ~ we shall see

Happy weekend!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Potpourri

Friday morning
and it looks like it is going to be a fabulous day

this vacation week was picked back in the fall
with hopes of jetting off somewhere warm
but since that was not in the cards for us
it was a working at home week ~ well mostly



I put a post out there on Instagram on Sunday
my brother was having some health problems
and I was looking for prayers ~ thank you for those
and your kind words

he was released from the hospital on Wednesday
and although he has a new road to travel
he is here and feeling a lot better



painting was high on the to do list this week
I finally got the closet doors done in our bedroom
along with installing new nobs

then I tackled the bathroom
one coat of primer and 3 coats of paint
can you say complete ~ done ~ finis

I do love it ~ so much brighter
I will share pictures soon


massage and a mani-pedi was in the cards as well
don't you love gift cards

and the weather has been so nice ~ warm temps
the snow is melting.......slow but sure



oh yeah ~ by the way ~ this is one of my favourite cakes ever
old fashion yellow cake with chocolate frosting
I am a simple girl really

it is my birthday eve and I have mixed feelings this year
this is a milestone event in my life
lighting 50 candles on the cake
reflecting on my life ~ what to keep ~ what to change
like cleaning out a closet
I think there will be more on that as well

so tomorrow night we will gather ~ I am so looking forward to seeing
people that mean the world
Trev has been in planning mode with help from a couple of my girlfriends
I know we will have a good time


Cheers to the weekend
hope it's a good one!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Potpourri

Hello there

how was your Easter?  
was it full of family and food
and special blessings

unedited iPhone photos ~ sorry!

we spent Friday with Trevor's family
27 people gathered ~ I joked with his cousin when we walked in
it looked like a mess hall ~ but what a time we had
catching up and sharing 
it truly was a Good Friday

Saturday we got stuff done 
errands ran and I bought paint!
Fat Paint!
I am going to attempt to paint my coffee table and end tables

this is one of my favourite little shops

Wendy knows her stuff and is more than willing to help out
let's just say that I could leave a lot of money there

you can check it out for yourself here.


So I have to talk a leeetle bit about winter
and how I am yearning to open the windows
feel a warm breeze on my face
hear the birds sing

yeah ~ all that

I am doing a little something on Instagram
that every Monday I am taking a photo
and hash tagging it #viewfrommyporch

so this is the last 3 Mondays

March 23rd - we had an igloo like effect 

March 30th - oh look - a roof line and some treetops

April 6th - woohoo - it's a real neighbour!

honestly we have to laugh about it now because we are so over winter here
I am not even joking

front walkway ~ handsome husband is 6 ft tall

as of March 17th we had already received 450 cm of snow
that's 177 inches or almost 15 feet
and up until Jan 27th we had NO snow
so all this arrived in 6 weeks or so

the kids have had 14 snow days
crazy crazy

so now you know why I want to see green grass
and buds on the trees

rant done!

I would be amiss if I said it was all bad
when you are in hibernation mode you get lots
or nothing done

projects were worked on
naps were taken
new recipes were tried
and lots of reading was happening

the hot beverage station was banished for another season
and daffodils brightened up the kitchen spaces

we have had dinners out
with special cakes made for people that mean the world.

Next week I am on vacation
and I have some appointments ~ a massage mani/pedi day planned
time with Mama
and then a milestone birthday to celebrate on the 18th

it is going to be a great week.