Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Potpourri

Friday morning
and it looks like it is going to be a fabulous day

this vacation week was picked back in the fall
with hopes of jetting off somewhere warm
but since that was not in the cards for us
it was a working at home week ~ well mostly



I put a post out there on Instagram on Sunday
my brother was having some health problems
and I was looking for prayers ~ thank you for those
and your kind words

he was released from the hospital on Wednesday
and although he has a new road to travel
he is here and feeling a lot better



painting was high on the to do list this week
I finally got the closet doors done in our bedroom
along with installing new nobs

then I tackled the bathroom
one coat of primer and 3 coats of paint
can you say complete ~ done ~ finis

I do love it ~ so much brighter
I will share pictures soon


massage and a mani-pedi was in the cards as well
don't you love gift cards

and the weather has been so nice ~ warm temps
the snow is melting.......slow but sure



oh yeah ~ by the way ~ this is one of my favourite cakes ever
old fashion yellow cake with chocolate frosting
I am a simple girl really

it is my birthday eve and I have mixed feelings this year
this is a milestone event in my life
lighting 50 candles on the cake
reflecting on my life ~ what to keep ~ what to change
like cleaning out a closet
I think there will be more on that as well

so tomorrow night we will gather ~ I am so looking forward to seeing
people that mean the world
Trev has been in planning mode with help from a couple of my girlfriends
I know we will have a good time


Cheers to the weekend
hope it's a good one!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday Potpourri

Hello there

how was your Easter?  
was it full of family and food
and special blessings

unedited iPhone photos ~ sorry!

we spent Friday with Trevor's family
27 people gathered ~ I joked with his cousin when we walked in
it looked like a mess hall ~ but what a time we had
catching up and sharing 
it truly was a Good Friday

Saturday we got stuff done 
errands ran and I bought paint!
Fat Paint!
I am going to attempt to paint my coffee table and end tables

this is one of my favourite little shops

Wendy knows her stuff and is more than willing to help out
let's just say that I could leave a lot of money there

you can check it out for yourself here.


So I have to talk a leeetle bit about winter
and how I am yearning to open the windows
feel a warm breeze on my face
hear the birds sing

yeah ~ all that

I am doing a little something on Instagram
that every Monday I am taking a photo
and hash tagging it #viewfrommyporch

so this is the last 3 Mondays

March 23rd - we had an igloo like effect 

March 30th - oh look - a roof line and some treetops

April 6th - woohoo - it's a real neighbour!

honestly we have to laugh about it now because we are so over winter here
I am not even joking

front walkway ~ handsome husband is 6 ft tall

as of March 17th we had already received 450 cm of snow
that's 177 inches or almost 15 feet
and up until Jan 27th we had NO snow
so all this arrived in 6 weeks or so

the kids have had 14 snow days
crazy crazy

so now you know why I want to see green grass
and buds on the trees

rant done!

I would be amiss if I said it was all bad
when you are in hibernation mode you get lots
or nothing done

projects were worked on
naps were taken
new recipes were tried
and lots of reading was happening

the hot beverage station was banished for another season
and daffodils brightened up the kitchen spaces

we have had dinners out
with special cakes made for people that mean the world.

Next week I am on vacation
and I have some appointments ~ a massage mani/pedi day planned
time with Mama
and then a milestone birthday to celebrate on the 18th

it is going to be a great week.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

From the Heart

I have written about my 2 nieces before
and how much I adore these girls that bless me by calling me Aunt

Sam & Kat

today I am focusing on the youngest
her name is Samantha

I know I did a post last May titled Motherhood

it was a hard one to write ~ I put myself out there a lot
but I usually do not delve deep
truth be told I was missing out ~ what was it like to see yourself
in another being
would they look like you ~ talk like you ~ like the same things that you do?

I know that if we had of adopted ~ I would see myself in this child
born from my heart and not from my womb
but since that never happened for us ~ that void would always be there

or would it......

enter my beautiful ~ almost 16 (eek) year old mini me
she is so much like me it scares me a little

she loves to read ~ real books

and she is a writer ~ a word girl
I don't think she met a quote she doesn't like
sound familiar?

 a music lover, she has such a soft heart
anything to do with animals and we are both there
and if it is a sad story ~ there are tears from us both

a couple of weeks ago we spent the day together ~ visiting used book stores
drinking cappuccinos ~ talking about authors
she loves Nicholas Sparks ~ I introduced her to a couple of my favourite authors

we talked about music
about the lyrics ~ the words are just as important as the melody
and she likes one of my fav bands ~ I know you know all of their music
which songs should I download?

I took her picture ~ posted it to Instagram and my best friend commented
 "Oh my goodness ~ it is like taking a step back in time ~ she looks just like you"

when I got home after dropping her off
my heart was full
and I was gushing and telling Trevor about how I was feeling
all these years I thought I would never know ~ but I do and it is the coolest thing

then I wrapped him in a hug realizing that he will never feel the same
and I felt selfish for being so excited....
he brushed it off and I toned it down ~ I love this boy 

a couple of weeks later Sam posted the following to Instagram
as she is doing a photo a day challenge ~ the prompt was idol
she wrote:
"I don't have an idol but this chick really inspires me"

it was on this picture ~ taken of her and I at her junior prom
can you say peacock moment??  My heart almost burst in my chest!

I scanned this picture last week and used it for throwback Thursday
she sees it now too

So my little sweet pea is growing up and I could not be prouder of the person she is becoming

Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Potpourri

Ahh Friday

happy to see the weekend arrive after a long cold week

although this is not the view from my actual door
it is still pretty white out there and the banks are really high

I will see if I can get some pictures taken this weekend


so with the cold comes soup making
sweater wearing ~ tea drinking
snuggling in with recorded tv and our furry kids
kind of days



this looks so good and blueberries
so really ~ it's a win win
love the blue


tomorrow night we have a date
going to a concert ~ hubby is finally using his Christmas present
and we are both looking forward to it



so while those on the west coast get to enjoy the flowers in bloom
open windows with the curtains blowing in the breeze
and thoughts of planting and gardening


I will be dreaming of a time when I can sit somewhere like this
with a glass of wine and take it all in
I would say in about 2 months time!

Happy weekend.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Potpourri

A weekend with no plans is a blank canvas
you can do as much or as little as you like
and this time of year ~ because we tend to go into hibernation mode
they are my favourite kind of weekend


don't get me wrong ~ I love having something to look forward to
and getting together with my peeps
but having the time to lounge over coffee
planning meals that are slow cooked
trying new recipes ~ it's just so much easier to do
during the winter months


we got more snow this week ~ I am over it

busy at work ~ more overtime


I pinned this one awhile ago ~ drawn to the stack
I love all kinds of bowls
some like mugs, some people plates
I am a bowl girl 



I did get to spend some time in my craft room last weekend
it was nice to get creative again


this weekend will be baking some cookies
catching up with some recorded tv
trying a new recipe or two
and getting some rest.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Walls of White

So if I say that winter is not my favourite season
I don't think anyone that has been here for any amount of time
would be surprised

I also know that I choose to live here
it can be cold and snowy
and downright miserable ~ but it is home
it is where my family is
my roots are here ~ and roots are important

but if you hear sobbing coming from somewhere
in the northeast ~ it is just me
and it more than likely means that we got more snow

I took this one January 29th and captioned it on IG ~ so much snow
little did I know.... silly girl

because a short 2 days later we got dumped on again
as this one was taken February 1st
same viewpoint ~ can you see it sticking out there on the left
yeah ~ that's a whole lotta snow

the following week we got blasted again bringing our grand total
of snow in those 3 storms to 145 cm which is about 57 inches to my
friends to the south of me ~ approximately 5 ft of snow
add wind and drifting and bam ~ closed down the area

so when we got hit again on Sunday
we waved the white flag ~ we surrender ~ we give up
we really do not need nor want any more because guess what
we are running out of places to put it!

We got 54 cm more ~ a mere 21 inches
notice the plant sticking out of the picture ~ in the bottom right corner
then bring your eye up to the height of the bank

it can be pretty I know ~ I love the way it glistens ~ like crystals
and I captured this one last week with my phone
love ~ love ~ love

when the sun comes out

and the frost is heavy ~ you can capture beauty

the beauty of nature is hard to beat

Thanks God!