Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

Yesterday was a day I will never forget
to see one of the greatest bands ever
playing right in my backyard

the day started off with rain rain and more rain
I did not take my camera so the shots I am using
are from my phone and from friends

these are shots of the venue around 11am 

notice all the green grass and keep in mind that 
this will be an official before picture!

So off we went around 3 ~ showtime was 6ish so that 
would give us plenty of time to park at friends and
walk the 1 1/2 miles to the gates

this is not us but it could have been ~ it was miserable
rain ponchos, backpacks and rubber boots
I was stylin'

in the line-up ~ oh the anticipation

we made it through the gates onto the field
now was time to pick the perfect spot

not too close but not too far away = not too bad!

thankfully the rain stopped and we put down our tarps
and settled in to wait for the show

this is our crew
BIL Scott, Trevor, the best neighbors in the world
Colin & Cathy and friends Mac & Marina

a blue eyed boy meets a brown eyed girl
ah ah ah the sweetest thing

crowds really starting to come in now

between acts we were treated to a fly over by 2
Canadian Forces F-18's
it was pretty spectacular and they went over 3 times

a couple more shots of the crowd while
Arcade Fire was playing
taken by a friend that was in the grandstands

then came the headliner ~ the crowd went wild

I can tell you ~ it was amazing
we sang and danced and clapped and cheered
I have always liked U2's music ~ but Trev was the diehard fan
I am pleased to say that this concert made me a true fan

now remember that before shot ~ this is what the field turned into
in the high traffic areas so getting around was quite a challenge

you would not believe the people I saw in sandals
and some in heels

I have to shake my head ~ it had rained buckets all day
you are going to a FIELD
and you are wearing cute little wedges
give that girl a prize!!

I wore these and this is what they look like today

I did take my sneakers for the walk back to the car 
and after we hit pavement I changed footwear

those boots were not made for walking!

Bono said that he felt right at home with all the rain
they were pretty impressed with Moncton
and we were too ~ over 75,000 strong

despite the rain it was still
A Beautiful Day!!

Today the weather was gorgeous
I hurt all over
I am running on not much sleep
but I am still smiling and singing along
with the boys from Dublin.

Thank goodness it is a long week-end
and I have tomorrow off!

Happy Sunday

Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Potpourri

Ahh Friday
what took you so long....

it was a long week
anticipation for a special week-end will do that

of course the concert is tomorrow
and tonight we are going to a little party
they are calling it
a U2 Anticipation Party
so it should be fun

it is also a long week-end here
so 3 days off is always something special

the forecast is calling for rain
why oh why oh why
let's hope it changes between now and then!

Wishing you all a wonderful week-end
and to those of you who are lucky enough to have
Monday off ~ enjoy everything that summer has to offer!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Boys from Dublin

This week we have started the countdown
as on Saturday we are going to see
Trevor's favorite band eva!

The boys from Dublin
are coming to our little ole city
right here in the Maritimes!

we have had the tickets bought since February
and when U2 takes the stage
we will be singing along with every single song

it is quite a feat to get the big bands to our little city
and we have been fortunate enough to host some of the biggest
in recent years

the site is a natural amphitheater and although it is a 
pain in the butt getting there and then getting home
it is well worth the effort

I am hoping it will be  a beautiful day

and I will be there with or without you!

Happy Wednesday!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Making Memories

Sunday night has arrived
and I am feeling refreshed and well rested

while I am waiting for Big Brother to come on
I thought I would sit and catch you up
on what I have been doing 
and where I have been

although it has only been a week
it seems like I have been gone forever!

As you know I had 4 extra people here 
the last couple of weeks
they used our place for a home base
and then left from here

it is so nice to see family from far away
and really ~ they are not company
other than cleaning the house before they got here
I hardly did a thing other than some laundry
and set the coffee pot for the morning
meals were a joint effort and I never did dishes
gotta love that!

my Aunt Sue is Dad's youngest sister
she married late and had her children later
so there is about a 20+ span between me
and her daughters

she was always the fun one
she would take us out drinking
when we were younger
we had some great times

whenever someone comes "home" from Ontario
one of the must do things is to eat seafood

we took them out to a little place along the coast
I had heard rave reviews about this little take out
and it was well worth the drive

Trev & I actually split an order and we were stuffed
the seafood comes on one plate and the fries on another!

Heather, Sue, Tom & Allison

nothing fancy ~ good food and good prices
we will take another trip out here this summer

we took the scenic route home
and through the town of Shediac
which boasts the largest lobster in the world
so we had to stop for the photo op

I found this one on line as I did not take one from this angle...

there are little shops with fun things to pose with
along the boardwalk

Allison & Heather strike a pose

caught in the act!


it was a night we all needed as we had spent the day
at the hospital.  I am happy to say that Uncle Bobby is home
and housebound now for a month.  He is not a happy boy!
The results came back and there was no permanent damage to his
heart ~ so that is a good thing.

The week-end was spent at the cape and we had a little family gathering
on Saturday.  It was a smaller crowd than what we are used to
but there was plenty of good food, drinks and memories made.

after supper we had a little fire
and sat around to catch up ~ tell stories
and laugh

it got a little chilly
so Dianne put socks on with her flip flops
and her "hooves" were created!

So Friday they pulled out for the long drive home
tears were shed and Aunt Sue joked that now we had our
house back....

so this week-end I did a few things
but relaxed as well ~ Saturday we spent the afternoon at the pool
with Samantha ~ she is a fish!

I got some blog reading in this morning
and hope to be back on a more normal schedule this week

Hope you all had a wonderful week-end!