Friday, July 30, 2010

For the Girl on the Swing

One of my best girls
is not feeling the best

so I have decided
to do a special post for her

one of her favorite things
is wildflowers

so this one sweet girl

is for you!

she also loves her swing
and her beach ~ so this shot was perfect!

hope you are back in the swing of things soon

it is a long week-end here
as Monday is New Brunswick Day

we have a party to attend tonight
then tomorrow we are heading to the cottage
for a couple little projects
and some R&R

I have won a couple of giveaways
that I will post about next week
and received an award
plus I have another farm post
to complete my series

I hope everyone has a wonderful week-end
and as always ~ I hope the sun is shining
upon your face
no matter where you are!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Treasured Memories ~ Part 2

The Abandoned Farm

The abandoned farmhouse, dark alone and still
Stands stately yet high, on a windy hill
The windows stare, like eyes
Across the open field
The shutters rattle now and then
But do not yield
Against the winter chill and snowy blast
As the farmhouse contemplates the past

The rooms are empty, bleak and bare
No smell of baking in the air
Not talk or laughter and running steps
Of happy children with their pets
Silent now, it was not always so
When bursting with family not so long ago

The abandoned farmhouse stands alone and waits
For someone to once more, swing the wide gates
For warmth of crackling fires and glowing lights
On these long, dark and frigid nights
The farmhouse shivers but recalls with pride
When all the family was at home inside.

I found this poem years ago
in an old magazine called The Atlantic Advocate
it grabbed my heart then so I wrote it down
but never took note of the author's name

although I have searched for it on line
I cannot find the origin of this version

little did I know
when finding this so many years ago
that it would suit our little farm
so perfectly today

do you know how many times
I went down these stairs
on my bottom as a kid??!!

it breaks my heart

but I do know
that the memories of good times there
will live in my heart forever...

so with the blessings of the family
we spent the afternoon

taking pictures
laughing over memories
and had a good cry too

we loaded the memory cards of our cameras
and some treasures that meant something to us
nothing of value ~ as that was not our goal

we did a little photo shoot
with our treasures the following morning

so more of that to come....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Miss Molly

My baby girl had surgery last week

she has had problems off and on with a floating patella

you can read more about it if you wish here...

she twisted her leg pretty badly the end of June
then it just wasn't getting any better

so off to the vet she went
got some x-rays
and then surgery last Wednesday.

Hubby has a strict anti-pink policy
when it comes to the dog
so I laughed when she came home with
a hot pink bandage!

She is not allowed to:
run, jump or play
she has to stay off stairs

did I ever mention
we live in a 2 story house
with a finished basement
which contains our family room
where we spend most of our time

so I call her my "alligator bag"
as I lug her around from
floor to floor

but she is a pretty cool carry on
she's my Boston bag!


Monday, July 26, 2010

Treasured Memories ~ Part 1

This post is one of the hardest ones
I think I have ever written

when my Dad's sister came down this year
she came with a purpose

the farm has been sitting
without care, without heat
for 2 years now

it is deteriorating
and getting worse as the time goes on

back in the 70's
it was signed over to the 5 kids
so that was my Dad, his brother and sisters

there were a lot of items distributed at that time
to the family members
along with an auction to sell off other things

when Grampy passed away
in 1994
more things were divided up
but there were still things left there.

Last summer some items were taken out of the farm
without permission of the remaining 4

it is something that has divided the family
made things very hard

I feel out of sorts
and out of it mostly as since Dad's passing
we don't have a say anymore about what goes on...

so when 3 of the 4
gave me the opportunity
to go in and take a look around
I was looking for memories...

knowing my love for dishes
and the memories these ones brought
I was tickled pink to get these....

I also love all things "Eaton"
as I worked there for 17 years.

Aunt Sue, Heather & I went through some of the items
that she packed up to take back with her

we spent an evening going through papers
and pictures

lots of treasures

these were a fixture in the old kitchen
I remember them well...

loving this old scale

this is my great grandmother Helene
sorry about the picture quality ~ and the glare!

my great Uncle Earl

this is my grandmother and her sister

this is my g
Great Grandmother's high school
entrance certificate ~ dated July 1899

These were some of the items that I wanted to get shots of
before they were packed up and handed down
to the next generation.

Gina and I were lucky enough
to go back in while she was here
and go on a treasured memory hunt of our own

more on that to come...