Monday, March 29, 2010

Quote of the Day

Sometimes we find the right path
going down the wrong road....


Hoping that this week finds you
on the right path...


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 10

Checking in tonight

It's been a long hard crawl
but I am doing it

eating better

drinking plenty of water

and tonight
I am down

1 lb

for a total of 15.2lbs

Happy Dance time...

I have been finding new recipes to try
low fat content

and low points value

last week the new issue of
What's Cooking
from Kraft
came in the mail

I always enjoy flipping through
and finding new favorites

I was giddy when I found these
and they are only 2 points a piece

Angel Lush Cupcakes

that's a bonus
to have something this yummy
and only have to use 2 precious points!!

I am going to make them on Sunday
and take them into work
to celebrate Easter

I wish everyone
a wonderful week-end!!


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello Spring!

The first week-end of spring
was interesting weather wise

Saturday we had gorgeous temperatures
14 C here on the east coast

I was ready for it

Friday night on my way home
I stopped and picked up some tulips

I have a big bouquet on the table
and another smaller one in the bedroom

then a single stem
in the kitchen

they make me smile

On Saturday I scooped up Molly
and headed to the dog park

the freedom
she ran and ran
and played

when we got home
I ventured around the yard

in my new boots
I think they are cute

I found this little gem

my tulips peeking out of the ground

the sedum is greening up

the lilies are getting in on the action

Now I will have to wait a bit
and get all that old stuff cleared away
so the buds can breath in
the spring air


I saw these and needed to scoop them up

I am usually not a pastel loving girl
but I could not let these pass me by

Sunday was cooler
but still a nice day
we took a drive down to the cottage

but that is a while other post
so more on that later

for now we will enjoy the tulips

and oops
I almost forgot

you must head over to
Farmgirl Paints

she is hosting a giveaway
and you are not going to
want to miss this one.

Hope you had a wonderful week-end!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Week 9

It is a proven fact

one I proved to myself this week

when you move

you lose

to be exact


I did watch my points closer

I did have a couple of treats
but sweated them off too

I worked out
5 out of 7 days

plus extra activity on Saturday
between dancing and cleaning
and then
our bowling night

I want to give a big shout out to

my cheer-leading squad
that lift me up
and inspire me to do more
reach forward
go go go

I will not name all of you

I think you know who you are

just check out my previous posts
Weeks 1-8
they are the ones that leave the comments
saying things like

"You go girl"

"You inspire me"

and various other phrases

I never thought I could ever
be an inspiration to anyone
it warms my heart

it really does

Thank You
from the bottom of my heart


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tiptoeing Towards Spring

We have been having some
beautiful weather this week

we are used to having
a big St. Patty's Day snowstorm
but not this year
it was warm and sunny

the snow is melting
and it feels like spring is in the air

don't get me wrong
we can still get more snow

so that is why I am tiptoeing

I love this one

I want to see my plants

poking their little heads out of the ground

checking to see if the coast is clear

I want me a big bouquet of tulips

I want to open my windows
and feel the spring breeze throughout the house

soon ~ it will happen soon

I want green

isn't this just gorgeous!

I would absolutely love to see this
in person

for now though

I will be content looking at
these beautiful images

and maybe buy me a big bunch

and dream of colour

or dream in colour!

breathtakingly beautiful!

here we go ~ I will take this one please!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Irish Story

I am not Irish
but I have relatives that are

my Aunt Dorrie
was born and raised in Belfast
and came to Canada as a young girl

is was here she met my Uncle Bob
my mother's brother

they fell in love

got married

had 2 kids

and in 1968 they went "home"
for a visit

my Uncle and the kids fell in love

and they moved over in 1969

needless to say
I did not know my cousins very well

I was very young when they moved
and they did not come back to Canada
until 1982

In 1988
Gram and I
went over for a holiday

I fell in love too
but came back home

We flew into Belfast
and toured the entire time

County Antrim
simply beautiful countryside

Belfast Castle

Lady Dixon Park
roses, roses and more roses
I think I drooled the entire time

Giant's Causeway
is the place that stands out in my mind the most
it was spectacular
isn't it amazing what Mother Nature can do!

I sampled the local fare
Irish soda bread
along with an Ulster fry

my arteries and hips are still
paying for that I am sure!

and when we got married
a gift of Irish linen arrived
from my Aunt Dorrie

Uncle Bob has been gone now
since 1998

Aunt Dorrie is enjoying her retirement
and her grandchildren


So in the spirit of everything Irish

here's a cupcake

and a mug of green beer

I do not think I would have them together though
I cringe at that combo!

Happy St. Patrick's Day