Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tiptoeing Towards Spring

We have been having some
beautiful weather this week

we are used to having
a big St. Patty's Day snowstorm
but not this year
it was warm and sunny

the snow is melting
and it feels like spring is in the air

don't get me wrong
we can still get more snow

so that is why I am tiptoeing

I love this one

I want to see my plants

poking their little heads out of the ground

checking to see if the coast is clear

I want me a big bouquet of tulips

I want to open my windows
and feel the spring breeze throughout the house

soon ~ it will happen soon

I want green

isn't this just gorgeous!

I would absolutely love to see this
in person

for now though

I will be content looking at
these beautiful images

and maybe buy me a big bunch

and dream of colour

or dream in colour!

breathtakingly beautiful!

here we go ~ I will take this one please!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week



Farmgirl Paints said...

Those tulips seriously make me so happy:) For the last 2 weeks I've bought some and put them on our kitchen table. Makes the whole room scream spring!

f8hasit said...

The birds were singing this morning and most of our snow is gone.

That means spring is indeed just around the corner!
But it also means I need to spend the afternoon picking up what the dogs left behind all winter. How fun for me...

LOVE the photos!!

Blondie's Journal said...

Your post made me smile, Lori. We all have the same thing on our minds. Isn't spring a wonderful season?

Happy Thursday! :-)


Unknown said...

Gorgeous post Lori, I absolutely LOVE tulips :)

I think today has been the warmest day this year, it's been lovely!

PhotoPuddle said...

I love tulips. Fantastic selection of photos.

PhotoPuddle said...

I love tulips. Fantastic selection of photos.

Cathi said...

Beautiful post, Lori....we have been having some gorgeous weather too and flowers are definitely on my to get list....I have had such a crazy week at work, and having a severe case of spring fever doesn't for my desk can help though and tulips will look wonderful, thanks for the inspiration! xxoo

Lou said...

Tulips are my absolute favourite too! I have been to Holland once and witnesses the 'seas' of buds in bloom - it just defies belief! Lovely post...

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

What a wonderful collection of tulip images. Tulips really say 'Spring' don't they Lori ?
As Simone said, we had the warmest day so far yesterday. I was singing really loadly along with my ipod in my car !!
Hope that your weekend is still withour snow and that you have some spring weather. XXXX