Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hello Spring!

The first week-end of spring
was interesting weather wise

Saturday we had gorgeous temperatures
14 C here on the east coast

I was ready for it

Friday night on my way home
I stopped and picked up some tulips

I have a big bouquet on the table
and another smaller one in the bedroom

then a single stem
in the kitchen

they make me smile

On Saturday I scooped up Molly
and headed to the dog park

the freedom
she ran and ran
and played

when we got home
I ventured around the yard

in my new boots
I think they are cute

I found this little gem

my tulips peeking out of the ground

the sedum is greening up

the lilies are getting in on the action

Now I will have to wait a bit
and get all that old stuff cleared away
so the buds can breath in
the spring air


I saw these and needed to scoop them up

I am usually not a pastel loving girl
but I could not let these pass me by

Sunday was cooler
but still a nice day
we took a drive down to the cottage

but that is a while other post
so more on that later

for now we will enjoy the tulips

and oops
I almost forgot

you must head over to
Farmgirl Paints

she is hosting a giveaway
and you are not going to
want to miss this one.

Hope you had a wonderful week-end!



Farmgirl Paints said...

Your boots are so cute. I'm lovin' tulips this year. I try to purchase some every week:)

Recaptured Charm said...

It HAS felt like spring for a couple of weeks here now, then both Saturday and Sunday we woke up to a small splattering of snow on the ground. ??! Very strange. Our tulips here are very confused!
(Love your boots too!) said...

Lovely tulips. They are one of my favs. I can't wait to go to Holland, MI to see them in all their splendor. Love love love those boots! How cute are those?!

Sorry I missed your Fri post. Great job! Somehow I seem to have found 3 more pounds. You are doing a fantastic job.

Cathi said...

I adore tulips...they are so beautiful and your boots are pretty cute too! Have a fabulous week! xxoo :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful....very cute wellies (as we call them!) too! :)

Mikal said...

LOVING those tulips and all your signs of spring... I think we are all looking forward to new growth!

Have a beautiful day!


Jetta... said...

Tulips are my favorite. They really do make me smile. Thank you for such a happy post!