Monday, July 30, 2012

Random Thoughts

Hello there and Happy Monday!

Did you have a good week-end?
Did you watch the opening ceremonies?

We watched and I loved them
favorite part ~ the petals ~ the caldron
wow is all I can say ~ amazing!

taken by Tracey

I am just going to ramble on about our week-end
and since I did not take a picture
I went through my Facebook feed
and the following pictures were all taken by friends of mine
over the week-end!

taken by Stacy

it was low key ~ Saturday afternoon was spent in the pool
I love all our cousins ~ but ones with a pool on high humidity days
are my favorite ~ just saying

after a great steak on the deck with hubby
I sat with my book and he with his iPad
we are truly an old married couple

taken by Michelle

Sunday was errands and housework
then dinner at Mom's
see ~ really low key

taken by Krista
these week I have a 4 day work week
an extra long week-end for me

hopefully I can do something exciting before then to blog about ~ ha!

Have a good week.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Potpourri

Woohoo Friday
thank you for showing up!

I know I seem to go on and on each week
about how happy Friday has arrived
I am not wishing my life away ~ no
just loving 2 days off


so as I sit on the deck with my morning coffee
I wonder what the week-end will hold

although I love events and plans
I do adore the week-ends with nothing on the agenda
we are footloose and fancy free


I did think about the cottage ~ but we will wait a week


I am thinking maybe a pool day ~ or head out to the shore
and have a beach day


I do know that I will be reading ~ that is a given
as I am on the 2nd book of the 50 Shades trilogy

and I will be watching the opening ceremonies tonight
as the world watches London

whatever you do this week-end ~ I hope you do it with a smile

have a good one!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ob-La-Di ~ Ob-La-Da....

I feel like I have been gone forever
although it has only been a week

busy days ~ working hard ~ lazy week-end

last week we celebrated 66 candles
on Mom's birthday cake ~ well it was a cupcake this year
and I sent up a silent prayer that she was here with us

I took the afternoon off and we had a bbq
we had some company in from out of town
I picked up the girls ~ we all made a salad
it was truly the perfect day

gotta love it when something like that can come together
on a Wednesday afternoon

things have been a little different around the house
as I now have a domestic god living with me

not really ~ but after 27 years 
my handsome husband was laid off
they cleaned out his entire department here
and gave them all a package

he decided he is going to take the summer off
and figure out what he wants to do
he got a good package ~ so we will be ok

so our summer has been full so far
of events ~ friends ~ family and sunshine

I am wishing for rain ~ just a day or two
in a row ~ slow and steady
give everything a good drink
then bring back the sunshine ~ coffee on the deck
and simple meals ~ lots of salads
and fresh veggies

oh how I love this time of year.


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

On the Cape

Saturday morning after a couple of delays
we packed up and headed to the cottage

it was beautiful
and I was ready to stretch out and relax

well that was not in the cards
but that was ok because we had company arrive!

first Pete showed up with his kite
so we went down to the beach and after a couple of attempts
we finally got it airborne!

Then the bestneighborsever arrived with their furry kids
and the dogs had a ball running on the beach
and playing
we just sat around and had some adult beverages
munchies and great conversation.
Sunday was more low key
 Trev's bestie was down for the week-end
so after breakfast the boys jumped on the quad and 
went on a little adventure

that left me and my sidekick
so we laid out in the sun

prowled around and took some flower shots

headed up to the farm and through the fields looking for some wildflowers
but we are a couple of weeks too late

but was pleasantly surprised to see some old favorites sprouting up
in some old familiar places

seeing them made me smile.

Hope you all had a fabulous week-end
and that your week had started out on the right foot.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Potpourri

Good day sunshine

Friday has arrived once again
with the promise of more warm breezes
and yes dare I say it out loud
but sunshine


this week has been a good combo of relaxation
and let's get that done

after last week I knew something had to change
so I listened and took it easy



tonight we will go downtown for the Atlantic Nationals car show
yes ~ I go for the social aspect and the bands
not for the cars ~ although some of them are pretty!


then we will pack up and head to the cottage on Saturday morning
I am taking my book and my camera
not much care if I take anything else!


so while the boys are off playing with the 4 wheelers
I will wander on the beach ~ in a field

or you may find me in the hammock...

wishing you all a week-end full of laughter and smiles


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Soak Up the Sun

Hey peeps
anybody out there...

like everyone else
I have been out enjoying summer

the warmth ~ the sun ~ the barbeques

the weather has been gorgeous
and you know when the nice weather comes
your calendar fills up and you are on the go
all the time

exhausting ~ yes
fun ~ yes!

from our long week-end 
waving the flag on the 1st ~ right through the week
was a whirlwind of activity

Friday night got here and I sat and went
phew ~ I was exhausted

we really should have packed up and headed to the cottage
but we didn't and although I am kicking myself a bit for it now
there is always next week-end ~ right!

we've had dinners out ~ fireworks ~ birthday celebrations
shopping ~ a concert and lots of time spent with good friends

the concert was a check mark on my bucket list too
as it was John Mellencamp ~ a favorite for a long long time

ok ~ I had to show you my washtub and how it has filled out
I am in love with it ~ I know ~ little things make me happy!

this week should be more low key
not as much on the agenda

hope to catch a ride in the "new" 1956 Pontiac
that my father in law bought last week

as he drove up the street I looked at Trev and said
there goes your inheritance!

Planning on getting around to catch up and read a bit
hope everyone is well

and that you had a fabulous week-end!