Friday, April 30, 2010

Inspiration Day!

I am so excited
as I have never participated in a
Linky Party before

so it's a first for me....

Maggie over at
The White Farmhouse
is hosting
Inspiration Party

it came about like this:

Well, it is like a thank you party.

Once a month, maybe the last day of the month,
we will have a linky party.

The rules are that you chose a person
that inspired you that month,
blogger or nonblogger.

Maybe they inspired you to try out a color in your house,

maybe a project, maybe a great recipe.

Make a post about them and how they inspired you.

Have fun with it! If they are a blogger,
include a link to their blog so maybe others will get inspired too.

so without further ado
I will share with you
one of the women
who inspire me...

I have known this lady
for almost 10 years

we met on line
and although we have never met in person
she is a person I cherish

she was the first blogger
in our little group
and gave me the courage
to start a blog of my own

she is a wife, a mother
a daughter and granddaughter

she is one of the best friends
a person could ask for
she called me when my grandmother
passed away
and other times
when she knew I needed her
she "gets me"

she lives on a cute little farm
she takes the most beautiful pictures
and loves all things French

have you guessed who it is yet??

it is Kim

over at
Mimi Charmante

she cooks, she bakes and crafts
all while keeping house
and taking care of 4 children
a husband
and a slew of critters on her farm

she is always striving to do something new
something that scares her

I honestly do not know how she
does it all
and she inspires me
to do better
be a better person
and to share ~ not be so selfish at times

her motto this year is

she has a giving heart
and I love her to pieces

I stole a couple of photos of her
to use in this post

this is one of my favorites of her...

I hope she forgives me!!

and guess what
she is having a giveaway too
so head on over
and let her know that I sent you!!

Love ya Kimmy!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 14

After keeping these guys in business
most of this week


I have been sick

and not eating properly

and thought it may work against me


it did not

I am down

2.2 lbs

I am .2 away
from 20lbs!!

Next week!

Someone asked me
if it helped doing a post on my journey


yes ~ it does

I think it makes me accountable
to more than just myself

I put myself out there
back when I started

it has been slow going
and some weeks have been better than others
but I feel good
and I feel that taking it off slowly
will help keep it off.

Thanks for all your help
your positive &
inspirational comments

they mean the world
they really do!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Times are a changing
sometimes they are good
and then
well ~ not so good

I try to be an optimist

and I am

most of the time...

my little piece of heaven
which I tend to go on and on about

well things are changing down on the cape
the road is being moved

so once you get to the bottom of the hill
instead of heading along the shoreline
it will veer off to the left
and head through the woods

it is something that has to be done
as the road is eroding into the bay
and is really bad in a couple of spots.

This of course changes things
at the cottage
our back yard
will now become the front yard

not a big deal really

we met with the department of transportation
last year
to talk about the new driveway
as they are putting them in
for the landowners

so this is what the driveway
currently looks like

nice isn't it
the sweeping curve
gives us some privacy
lends some charm to the property

last month
we went down to check out the progress
on the new road
and the new driveway

we parked at the road
and made our way
only to see this

look straight ahead
the big gaping hole

can you say runway..

I think you could land a plane

they brought in this giant excavator
chipper machine
that started at the top of the trees
and chipped the entire tree

there are wood chips

here is the roof

I am surprised that windows were not broken

I have not been back down since
I was sick really when I saw it

but what's done is done
all we can do
is wait and see what they do
how they clean things up
and what the new driveway will look like
then we can plant some new trees

we walked through to the new road
and checked out things from all angles

here's my boy taking it all in

and my baby girl
before she fell in the brook

she's OK
Mama fished her out!

Monday, April 26, 2010

How About You??

While I was filling out
one of those
getting to know you questionnaires
on email last week

one of the questions was
if you were a crayon

what colour would you be??

I always choose red

it's my favorite colour

I know that I would
not be a pastal

I would be more vibrant

fresh as a daisy

sweet like cotton candy

I have to ask you...

what colour would you be?

a softer shade
something pale

or bursting with colour
bright and bold?

HaPpY mOnDaY!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week 13


this week was not great


I will blame last week-end

too much indulgence

a couple of these

and then a couple of these

and not enough of
I am up 0.2 lbs

I actually thought it would be worse
so I was quite pleased to see
that I was only up this much!

So this week

I will do better
I will refocus

Portion control ~
make it my friend

and exercise

weather permitting
my best girl and I will walk

and then the Wii
on the other evenings

Wish me luck!


I want to give a birthday shout out
to someone very special

she lives
"across the pond"

I met her about 10 years ago
although I have never had the pleasure of
meeting her in person

someday we say
someday soon...

it is her birthday on Friday
and I know many of you
have come to know her and love her too

of course I am speaking of

and she is over at
The Bottom of the Ironing Basket

drop over and wish her
Happy Birthday!!

Have a wonderful week-end!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Springtime Favorite

a sure sign of spring
and one of my favorites
is the pussy willow

these little beauties
bring me back to my childhood

going on "the hunt"
with my Dad

bringing a bunch home
and Mom putting them in a vase

we were fortunate enough
to be able to just go for a walk to look for them

we did not have to buy them

crafters and decorators alike
know they are fun

they make me smile

who needs curtains!


Thanks to all for the birthday wishes

I had a wonderful week-end
ate WAY too much
and have been doing double time
on my Wii Fit to make up for it!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!