Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Times are a changing
sometimes they are good
and then
well ~ not so good

I try to be an optimist

and I am

most of the time...

my little piece of heaven
which I tend to go on and on about

well things are changing down on the cape
the road is being moved

so once you get to the bottom of the hill
instead of heading along the shoreline
it will veer off to the left
and head through the woods

it is something that has to be done
as the road is eroding into the bay
and is really bad in a couple of spots.

This of course changes things
at the cottage
our back yard
will now become the front yard

not a big deal really

we met with the department of transportation
last year
to talk about the new driveway
as they are putting them in
for the landowners

so this is what the driveway
currently looks like

nice isn't it
the sweeping curve
gives us some privacy
lends some charm to the property

last month
we went down to check out the progress
on the new road
and the new driveway

we parked at the road
and made our way
only to see this

look straight ahead
the big gaping hole

can you say runway..

I think you could land a plane

they brought in this giant excavator
chipper machine
that started at the top of the trees
and chipped the entire tree

there are wood chips

here is the roof

I am surprised that windows were not broken

I have not been back down since
I was sick really when I saw it

but what's done is done
all we can do
is wait and see what they do
how they clean things up
and what the new driveway will look like
then we can plant some new trees

we walked through to the new road
and checked out things from all angles

here's my boy taking it all in

and my baby girl
before she fell in the brook

she's OK
Mama fished her out!


Simone said...

Oh Lori....those are some changes aren't they honey....I think I would have cried, I am sorry to say :(

I know that the cottage is such a special place for you and I know you will never lose sight of that. I am sure that when the work is all done....and when you have planted some trees, it will look as pretty as ever.

It's hard though isn't it.....some changes are not always for the better, ugh....

Hugs to you Lori xo

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Oh dear. These kind of changes are upsetting. I totally empathize with you and know that feeling in the pit of your stomach. Be encouraged that time will take care of things and new trees and shrubbery will grow! In the meantime, get making new memories at your charming cottage!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

Your current drive is breathtaking. We could try and do some voodoo to scare away the change. I long to live in such privacy, just me, The Captain, and the boys. I wish to run outside in my panties. ;)

Jacqueline said...

Oh Lori,
I really feel for you. We live just outside of London in the suburbs but, I can't bear it when a tree has to be cut down let alone what you have had to put up with.
Wonderful Laura @ 52 Flea has said it so beautifully. In a short while, it will look better and you wont feel quite so bad about it. I HATE change and it is upsetting to lose your beautiful surroundings but, it will be O.K.
Get that poitive, glass half full hat on and have a few 'you know what's' !!!! XXXX

The White Farmhouse said...

Oh Lori I am so sorry for you. I feel your pain though. Last fall they put a huge metal ugly utility pole in our front yard about 15 feet from the driveway. Even took out a walnut tree that was more than likely original to the house. I don't know why they have to destroy everything. I'm sorry that your little piece of heaven got trampled over by some big wig devils.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh honey I'm so sorry. That's a shame they got so carried away and made such a big path. Let's just believe they will fix it up nicely for you. Change is hard!

Christina said...

WOW that would be a surprise to see. I am sure you will make it work. Hope everything has been good, sorry I haven't visited much, busy busy busy.