Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 14

After keeping these guys in business
most of this week


I have been sick

and not eating properly

and thought it may work against me


it did not

I am down

2.2 lbs

I am .2 away
from 20lbs!!

Next week!

Someone asked me
if it helped doing a post on my journey


yes ~ it does

I think it makes me accountable
to more than just myself

I put myself out there
back when I started

it has been slow going
and some weeks have been better than others
but I feel good
and I feel that taking it off slowly
will help keep it off.

Thanks for all your help
your positive &
inspirational comments

they mean the world
they really do!



Cathi said...

That is FABULOUS, Lori!!! Yeah!!! I hope you're feeling better too! Warm hugs and sunshine sent your way! xxoo :)

P.S. I am down 7 myself..a bit more to go but it's going at least...haha..

Melissa Miller said...

Congrats Lori! Fabulous news. I hope you are feeling better. :)

mimi charmante said...

alright - you are almost there! what is next? I have loved following your journey - you won't stop now, will you???

Farmgirl Paints said...

So sorry you were sick, but yeehaw!!! You lost 2.2 pounds. So proud of you Lori. 20 pounds is HUGE:) said...

You are doing awesome! Wow! 20 pounds! That is quite the accomplishment! You go girl! We need pics of how great you are looking though!

Julie Johnson said...

Just found you through Maggie...Great job...20 pounds...that is so inspiring!!! I think I'm headed back to WW next week. I was lifetime at one point...and know that I'm not quite back there yet. I've been keeping track of points these last few days. I can workout no problem...but eating right is another story. We can do this!!!

Mikal said...

So happy for you, and so inspired. Thank you for sharing!


Lou said...

Love these update posts and your quiet pleasure when the scales have gone the right way! Sorry that you have been ill, not much fun, but does kill appetite I guess. Keep it going, for what its worth, its an inspiration to read your posts as if nothing else you have sticked to your goal! Well done. x

Unknown said...

FANTASTIC!!!! Well done Lori, so pleased for you....very inspiring :) xoxo

Recaptured Charm said...

Congrats on your weight loss, you're doing amazing! Sorry to hear you're not feeling up to par. I'd like to pass on a Blog Award (you can put it with your others) Come on over to for the info.
Feel better Lori


Alicia said...

Congratulations on your dedication & willpower!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feel better & pass the tissues. Can you catch it through the screen becasue the box is now my best friend...