Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday ~ Red & White

Ahh Friday ~ thank you for showing up

the first week back after a week off is the longest
and when the promise of a long week-end is ahead
it is usually even longer

of course we celebrate Canada Day on Sunday

hard to believe that a year ago Will was here with his new bride
and they made quite a splash in Ottawa on Canada Day

this week-end will be a busy one
Saturday night is the end of the year bbq for the fire department
as the volunteers stop their training for the summer

so shooters are in my future!

Sunday is Canada Day
so we will dress in red & white
and head out to the park ~ listen to the bands
meet with friends
and pray for sunshine

then another get together with friends that night

I love this holiday ~ I am a Canadian girl
from head to toe and I love waving my flag

now I would love for you to go and visit Kim

if you have read here for any length of time you know I have a huge girl 
crush on Miss Kimberly ~ I love her to death ~ I really do

well she does not get her big heart from strangers
just check out her Mom's blog here

see ~ she is amazing too!

They have a fundraising campaign going on right now
so I ask you ~ as a reader ~ as a friend
every little bit helps

 think about it over the week-end and then come back and 
click the link here to make a donation.

I hope you all had a great week
and that you have an even better week-end

Happy Canada Day
to all my peeps in the north!


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Remember When......

25 years ago today
I stood witness and watched
one of my very best friends say
I do

it some ways it seems like a lifetime ago....

here we are ~ in all our "little bo peep" glory
making sure that everything is just right

then a shot of all the girls
I remember the day and night well.

Roxanne ~ but Rocky to those that know and love her so well
is probably the closest thing I have to a sister

we have been through thick and thin
in good times and bad

we can go months and not see or talk to each other
but we always come back to that common place
and catch up on each others lives
usually ending up on a marathon phone conversation
because we get each other

this is who I went away with last week
we had lots of time to catch up ~ a 5 hour car drive can do that

we poured it all out ~ a couple of times I thought
we may have to pull over due to tears
but we made it

on the way back we sang
oh the songs we sang
and played remember when ~ remember this
and this one reminds me of....
taken at Lisa's wedding ~ 2010
I so so glad that we took the time
and spent the time
because I love this girl with all my heart. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fields of Yellow

I love a field full of wildflowers
any kind ~ I am really not fussy...

it is one of the reasons I titled my blog the way I did

so when heading to the camp on Father's Day
we drove by some swoon worthy fields
of buttercups

I knew that I would have to come back ~ alone
with camera in hand

 Friday was the day ~ overcast and warm
a light breeze and all the yellow
your heart can handle


my favorite shot of the day
nothing like sitting there and taking it all in

Happy Monday!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Potpourri

Happy Friday
and welcome summer!!

I am back from my stateside shopping extravaganza
and we had a ball.

You know I am so fortunate ~ I have so many friends
and good friends ~ ones that you can call
no matter what

my travel partner was one of these girls
we sang all the way home

we did not get much treasure hunting done
just malls ~ stores we don't have here

I bought a huge salad bowl on Tuesday afternoon
so I could soak my feet when we got back to the hotel
that's the kind of trip it was!

although it is always great to get away
getting home on Wed. night and crawling into my own bed
was heaven

that along with snuggles and kisses from my family

bought more berries yesterday 
love ~ love ~ love

shortcake is on the short list for today

trying to get a few things accomplished as my vacation winds down
a week is just not long enough
but I guess it will have to do for now
and I will start a countdown until my next week.

I have not been around to hardly any blogs
but hope to catch up on my reading as there is rain
in our forecast for the week-end

hope everyone has had a great week
and a fabulous week-end!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Smiles

I am getting ready to jump in the car
and do my best to assist in the US economy
but had to share a couple of things from the week-end

my peonies exploded
like Boom ~ gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

on the way to plant at the cemetery on Saturday
I stopped at a roadside stand that was selling
local strawberries!!

I was so excited ~ I almost did the happy dance in front of the guy

tell me these are local
he says "well they are from Nova Scotia"

that's a heck of a lot closer that the ones we get from 
California so I will take them!

so sweet and juicy ~ we all had one right out of the box and went

we spent yesterday at the camp
and I made strawberry rhubarb crumble 
with my newly found berries
recipe found here

nothing better than a bbq on a sunny Sunday
and a cold beer

I tried out this one that my FIL had
and I quite enjoyed it
sorry about the quality of the pics today
they are all from my phone!

after supper we lazed around a bit
then headed for home so I could prep for my trip

sometimes she gets settled in the weirdest places!

Have a wonderful week
and hope to be around soon to see everyone!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Potpourri

This is me...
not really 

but I am not only doing the Friday dance this week

I am doing a happy dance of epic proportions
because as of 6:00 tonight
I am on vacation 
and it's been a long haul since the last one!



so today it is all about sunshine
and happy thoughts


already half way through June and I have to wonder
where on earth does the time go

really ~ in the blink of an eye



so plans include...

playing in the dirt

spending time with my hubby

reading ~ finishing one book and starting another

I hope to find some local berries



 but first on Sunday night I will be packing a bag
because Monday I am heading out of town


I am going on a little girls trip with one of my dearest friends

you know the one you can sit and talk for hours with

or drive 2 hours and just sing.

We are heading stateside to do a little shopping
and hope to find a few vintage treasures while we are there too.

I am just looking forward to being off
shut the brain off for a bit.

So I wish you a wonderful week-end
hug your Dad on Father's Day
and smile

it looks good on you!