Monday, January 30, 2012

Make Me Smile

It is Monday again
vacation time has ended
and it is back to work time

I did have a good week for the most part
and I thought I would share some of the things
that made me smile

being able to clean at my own pace
instead of trying to get it all done in one fell swoop

I did some organizing and ironed the new
dresser scarf my MIL got me for Christmas

it is perfect

while out running errands on Wednesday
I cam across this at Home Sense
I love it and it is going in the living room
once I get it repainted

these little babies made me squeal with delight
they are my very favorite biscuit from overseas
and I found a spot to buy them here
I was a happy girl!

one day I put everything on the back burner
and decided to curl up and watch a movie

I read this book a couple of years ago 
for book club
and although I did not enjoy the book
I was interested to see the movie
it was on the movie network so I went for it
and I did enjoy the movie more than the book
it is not often that I say that.

now for an update on Mom...

it has not been the best week-end
hoping for an improvement when I went in on Saturday
and they was not one

then on Sunday I went in to learn
that she has a fever and an elevated heart rate
plus they are keeping a close eye on her kidneys
as they are not working very well right now

I know improvements will take time
but on Saturday I really needed a big hug
and a good cry

the hug came from Trev ~ I do love this man of mine
then I sat down and read all the comments on Facebook
and that started the tears
they were needed and theraputic

prayers are still welcome
and I want to thank you for your comments
emails and tweets

hugs & love

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Potpourri

Hello sweets
it's Friday again
and I am a little late on the draw today

thank you for all the wonderful comments on my sheepish post
you guys sure know how to lift a girl up

I will be honest with you 
while perusing Pinterest this week
I have been drawn to white
but I have also discovered that I am the beige girl
beige like burlap beige
too funny

I had these photos all chosen in my file
for today ~ then almost changed them 
after today's events

but decided to go with it
don't you just love this little window seat
it has been a dream of mine for a 
long long time
 back to today...

I rushed Mom to the hospital at 6am this morning
with severe abdominal pain

I have never ever ever seen her in that much pain
as her threshold is quite high
compared to wimpy me of course

so we get to Emerg and they scooped her up
and took the best care of her

tests for this and that
then rushed her into emergency surgery

she had an aneurysm on her aorta
that they have been watching for the last couple of years
and were waiting for it to get to a certain size
before they operated

well wait no more as it had ruptured
and now in danger

she made it through the surgery
and now we wait ~ she is not out of the woods yet
and we are hoping and praying

I spent some time this morning in the hospital chapel
and came out feeling a bit better

but more prayers will help
they always help,


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Feeling Sheepish....

I love a thought provoking post
and while taking a break yesterday (one of many I may add)
I caught up on some blog reading
and this one from Simone
made me stop and think.

One of the things she talked about was being herself
and not necessarily caring what others thought

I was nodding in agreement then realized
that even though I once thought of myself as a leader
I think lately I have become a little sheepish
a follower
and although that is not always a bad thing
I have to start marching to the beat
of my own drum and not someone elses...

I also loved Kim's post here
and in my comments to her I talked about
not taking pictures inside my home
because they did not fit into the "bloggy world"

plus some areas I have neglected here
and they are not a true reflection of me and my style

so although I do adore the white slipcovered couches 
you will not find one in my living room
because that is not me either

this year I am going to pay attention
and start doing some things in this house
to make it a truer reflection of my taste

I will work in those things that I truly love
my treasures and pictures
and an old window or two

I won't buy something just because I saw it on a blog
but I will buy something I fall in love with
and will fit into my home

and don't get me started about Pinterest
I spend way too much time on that
but oh the possibilities
and is 2 sided tape on my mantle a new trend
because I have some on mine
so please tell me it's trending

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Things

Hello Monday
so nice to see you 
this week ~ so don't get used to it!

while getting supper ready last night
I thought about the week-end 
and how it was the little things that made me happy

things like being able to help out family
when they needed fresh eyes
to look at some stuff that they have been dealing with
then sharing a great meal around the table

yes ~ the little things

like poached eggs on toast 
in a cold Sunday morning

fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm
while we were snuggled up and did not leave the house
even once yesterday

and trying a new recipe for supper
slowcooker saucy baked beans and ham

topped off with a good cuppa coffee
and cheesecake.

This week is booking up with appointments
and dates although I do hope to get a bit done 
around the house.

Thanks to all my new visitors ~ it is so nice to
see those comments and then go visit a new blog!

Hope you had a wonderful week-end
and that this week puts a smile on your face.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Potpourri

It's Friday
the snow is gently falling outside my window
and I am cozied up on the couch
in front of the tv ~ enjoying my day of nothing

last night we had date night
got off work early
jumped in the car and traveled to see
Jeff Dunham

I have not laughed that hard in a long time
deep belly laughs
pee your pants a little laughs
and we had so much fun

we clapped a lot last night!

So instead of making a list of things I want to get accomplished
while I am off next week

I have been making plans
lunch with Mom and dinner with some girlfriends

although this would never have been my first pick
of a vacation week
I have embraced it ~ after the hustle and bustle 
of December
then fighting off fever and a head cold
I am feeling good and ready to roll!

now for some pretty...


I totally want one of these

perfect with a plate of cookies right out of the oven

Wishing you a wonderful week-end
full of laughter and smiles.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Ramblings

Two down ~ two to go
it is a short week for me 
and although it was freezing here yesterday
it warmed up a bit today and was a nice winter day

the week-end was non eventful
and that is ok

I cleaned and cooked
and spent some time playing on the computer
and watched a movie

finished my book in the tub
loving tubby time

trading in mascara and high heels on a Saturday night
for a book and bubble bath

I am old ~ yes!

I think after all the go go go 
in December
it is nice just to kick back and relax

so we have a date night planned for Thursday
then I am off on Friday
and all next week ~ vacation
yeah ~ I know
I can vent about that if you want to hear
but I am really looking forward to it

hope your week is going well.

I have been around ~ reading and commenting when I can
as Blogger will not allow me to comment on some
I am out there ~ I am!

This post spoke to me when I read it tonight
click and read ~ would love to hear your thoughts.... 

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Potpourri

3 cheers for Friday
what took you so long??

this picture speaks to me ~ I love it
I can see me here
with a cuppa tea and a good book

after this week I needed some pretty
some ruffles and lace
and flowers

these socks are so cute ~ I can see me in these too!

as I write this there is snow falling outside
and it makes me smile
I think I need a little white ~ a little clean
after being under the weather all week
it really gives me an excuse to stay in this week-end and putter
organize ~ dust ~ relax ~ cook

maybe I will make some soup
or maybe I won't

I know that whatever I do ~ I will do it well
and not feel a bit of guilt about doing nothing if that is the case 
come Sunday night.

Wishing you a wonderful week-end
and enjoy whatever you do