Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesday Ramblings

Two down ~ two to go
it is a short week for me 
and although it was freezing here yesterday
it warmed up a bit today and was a nice winter day

the week-end was non eventful
and that is ok

I cleaned and cooked
and spent some time playing on the computer
and watched a movie

finished my book in the tub
loving tubby time

trading in mascara and high heels on a Saturday night
for a book and bubble bath

I am old ~ yes!

I think after all the go go go 
in December
it is nice just to kick back and relax

so we have a date night planned for Thursday
then I am off on Friday
and all next week ~ vacation
yeah ~ I know
I can vent about that if you want to hear
but I am really looking forward to it

hope your week is going well.

I have been around ~ reading and commenting when I can
as Blogger will not allow me to comment on some
I am out there ~ I am!

This post spoke to me when I read it tonight
click and read ~ would love to hear your thoughts.... 

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Farmgirl Paints said...

Have a wonderful break girlie. Stay warm. Wonder what's going on With blogger. I've had several people tell me they couldn't comment. Grrrr!

helen tilston said...

I think many of us are staying home and lying low following the party season.
Enjoy your holiday


Mikal said...

Book and a bath - one of my favorite things ever! Until my boys start checking on me every 5 minutes to see "if I'm ok"! LOL

I love, love, LOVE, Kim's post. Isn't it absolutely the truth?!! I used to never show pics of my place either. My little old beat up house would never do for that kind of stuff. But I don't care anymore. I bought it knowing I was going to get to make it mine, make the changes that I dreamed of. It takes time. Like you said, it isn't always about money, (though my caviar tastes can get me into trouble sometimes!), but it's about finding balance in our life. I did weekend upon weekend work with my yard a couple years ago. I was so exhausted! Now it's taking time to get projects done, but to also relax and have fun. Balance! Sometimes easier said than done, but as I get older, it sure comes easier. Or maybe I'm just getting smarter! LOL

Love you girlie! Thanks for making us think!!

www.theirishfarmhouse.blogspot.com said...

Mmmmm bubble bath. I can't remember the last time I took a bubble bath that wasn't made with Dawn dish soap. How nice that would be though....

I like Kim's post. Love the pics! She makes alot of sense. Of course, I look for any logic that gets me out of cleaning and doing laundry. I guess I am not a good source for that.

Cathi said...

I loved Kim's post too, it was wonderful and definite food for thought. I hope you have a fabulous vacation week, you lucky girl! I have been crazy busy at work, but this is our super busy time of year, so it's not a surprise. As you well know, bubble baths and books are my sanctuary...I need them for my well being, as you do too! Happy Wednesday, my lovely friend! xxoo :)

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

What a fabulous week - 4 days :) I want to start and finish a book and read it in the tub, sounds relaxing! Hope you enjoy your day, Lori!


I've heard people are having trouble leaving comments. Blogger ... come on and fix this, eh?

Your weekend sounded perfect and vacation coming up ... yeah.

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