Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Feeling Sheepish....

I love a thought provoking post
and while taking a break yesterday (one of many I may add)
I caught up on some blog reading
and this one from Simone
made me stop and think.

One of the things she talked about was being herself
and not necessarily caring what others thought

I was nodding in agreement then realized
that even though I once thought of myself as a leader
I think lately I have become a little sheepish
a follower
and although that is not always a bad thing
I have to start marching to the beat
of my own drum and not someone elses...

I also loved Kim's post here
and in my comments to her I talked about
not taking pictures inside my home
because they did not fit into the "bloggy world"

plus some areas I have neglected here
and they are not a true reflection of me and my style

so although I do adore the white slipcovered couches 
you will not find one in my living room
because that is not me either

this year I am going to pay attention
and start doing some things in this house
to make it a truer reflection of my taste

I will work in those things that I truly love
my treasures and pictures
and an old window or two

I won't buy something just because I saw it on a blog
but I will buy something I fall in love with
and will fit into my home

and don't get me started about Pinterest
I spend way too much time on that
but oh the possibilities
and is 2 sided tape on my mantle a new trend
because I have some on mine
so please tell me it's trending

Happy Wednesday!


Unknown said...

I loved reading this Lori, great post!

I always think you have a very clear idea of what your own style is - and to me that is what makes you YOU! And I think style is all about taking what you like, maybe not copying it exactly and instead adapting it to your own lifestyle.

I loved Kim's post too :) XX said...

Good for you! I BTW just love you and your style. I wouldn't change you for the world dearheart! In fact, I will raise my margherita glass to you my dear. I can't wait to see what you come up with!


I love it when women are comfortable enough to be themselves ... then I can be, too. Go for it, Lori.


Farmgirl Paints said...

There is a whole mold that most of us don't fit into. Just be you girlie, everyone else is taken;).

Mikal said...

Love you just as you are! And so proud of you for seeing this, and remembering what a treasure YOU and your dreams are!

Cathi said...

We all have to be true to ourselves and you my friend, are fabulous and lovely. You have very heartfelt, inspiring posts and a wonderful sense of yourself - don't ever change! Wonderful post! xxoo :)

Vannessa@Luxuria said...

Wow to you for being your own person. I think we all at sometime in our lives want to follow, rather than lead in our own unique way. But good for you for recognizing this and making a stand ;-)