Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Whoever wrote the song
Baby it's Cold Outside
must have been here
on a day like today

we have no snow to speak of
so when there is a windchill
you tend to feel it more

so while I will not harp on the cold
and winter and how much I dislike it

I will tell you that I am living in my new sleep pants
at night when I come home from work
they are fleecy pink and grey plaid love I tell you

and my picture will not load the right way!

unpainted toes for the winter ~ check

still not feeling 100% but the fever broke on Monday
and the swelling is down in my glands ~ check

have not yet started my new years exercise routine ~ check

have not picked a word for this year ~ check

hoping to feel better by the week-end and do everything I want to do....
here's hoping!

Happy Wednesday!


Farmgirl Paints said...

Feel better girlie. Put some slippers on...drink some hot chocolate:). Making up some dips tomorrow. Book club at my house.

Unknown said...

Feel better soon! Are you also Simone? I followed the link on the name to your profile and then to this blog, and well now a bit confused. If you are then thanks for popping in to my blog and again either way feel better! said...

I so hope you feel better real soon! We have no snow here either. I guess old man winter is on strike! Not that I am complaining though. I noticed some flowers starting to poke their little heads out yesterday. Guess they are as confused as everyone else! Love the new lounge pants! I want some!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori,
I'm so sorry to hear that your poorly ..... I think that a nice little cocktail is called for this evening .... purely medicinal !!!!
It's quite mild for the time of year here in the UK but, they say it's going to get very cold this weekend. We're going to the theatre tonight to see Strictly Gershwin which is the English National Ballet dancing to Gershwin's music. I shall have a drink in the interval for you.
Keep warm, keep well and have a lovely rest. Much love. XXXX

kimberly said...

It is cold here as well, and it sounds like we may even get some snow this weekend!
Stay cozy my sweet~