Tuesday, January 3, 2012

L, M, N, O & P

You would think for the start of the year
I would start at the letter A

not for this...

L is for Love

Anyone that has been here before knows how much
love I have for my little 4 legged kids
and I tend to say I do not just love them
I am in love with them

M is for Molly

A 4 1/2 year old Boston Terrier
smart as a whip
full of spunk and fun and makes us laugh so hard

N is for Never

she has never been a chewer
not a dog to get into things
until the week before Christmas

she scored the week before Christmas
3 cupcakes and a sugar donut
bad gas pains ~ bland diet for over a week
then she was feeling better

she also had another issue ~ kind of like a pinched nerve
in her back so she was on anti-inflammatory 
along with some pain meds

finally back on her regular food on NYE day
then came Sunday

O is for OMG

We walked into the house after having dinner at Mom's
and she had gotten into chocolate

keeping in mind that I had put all of it up ~ out of reach
but there was one box left on the coffee table
so she did not have one
but an entire box of Werther's mixed
caramel, milk & dark

P is for Panic, Prayers & Patience

First we panicked
for sure this would be the end of her
she is a little dog ~ 21 pounds of solid love

I grabbed the phone book looking for the number
for the emergency vet
then thought about a friend of mine that works at a local clinic
thank goodness he was home

he gave us some things we could do
peroxide to induce vomiting
so hard to see my baby girl ~ those big brown eyes
looking up at me
my heart broke in two
but I knew deep down if I lost her
I would blame myself forever

the peroxide worked
Trev went out to get some charcoal capsules
and got one into her
watched her close all night

Patience ~ having to wait 24 hours to ensure there were no ill effects
and Prayers ~ I prayed so hard ~ tears in my eyes

we are still watching her
back on rice and chicken she is
no ill effects and it's 48 hours later

this was all happening when I wrote my crossroads post
which I want to thank you all for all your wonderful comments

tonight as she is snuggled up under her blanket beside me
I am thankful she is alive
and seems to be doing just fine.

I love her so...


Unknown said...

Oh! thank goodness she is OK!!

Cathi said...

So glad that Molly is ok now. My little dog Sammi (who is no longer with us) once got into a pound box of chocolates and ate the whole thing. She was a bit sick for a day or so, but recovered nicely. Hugs to you - it's heartbreaking to have your babies sick. xxoo :)

Lou said...

Lori - OH NO! I so 'get' this now that I am a dog owner! Whereas before my empathy levels would not have been so high! I am sure it will all be OK...but in the meantime, hang in there. Lou x

Unknown said...

Just stumbled across this blog and after reading all about Molly dog and all that has happened, I am so pleased to hear all is Okay.....Lou x

c said...

Dear Lori,

I am here having read your very kind comment on my guest post over at Lou's. Thank you. x

Having read this story about your dog.. OMG I got all teary. I know exactly how you feel and the relief you must be feeling now.
I hope she keeps on getting better and that she'll be back to her old self again soon.

My thoughts are with you.

Big hugs and thanks again.

x Charlotta
Space for Inspiration

Farmgirl Paints said...

Poor Molly...I can only imagine how scared you were for her. Hope she's feeling better soon.


Thanksful with you, Lori.


Punctuation Mark said...

beautiful post! happy 2012!

www.theirishfarmhouse.blogspot.com said...

Good golly Miss Molly! I have always wanted to say that by the way! She sure is keeping you on your toes isn't she? I do hope she is ok. I know you are a nervous wreck! Just breathe! give her a hug for me though!