Monday, February 25, 2013

In The Kitchen

I had the day off today

from work that is...

and spent the day doing equal parts of cooking
and sitting on my butt

I love taking a random Monday or Friday off
this time of year and having a me day

today was that day
and although I did a little more than I intended
I feel good with what I got accomplished

an extra day to recharge the batteries
is always welcome as it is a long long time
between New Years and Easter!

I cooked my Tourtiere on Wednesday
and it turned out really good
love that I took the leftovers to my Mama
and she enjoyed it too

muffins were on the menu yesterday
these were Cranberry Oatmeal Muffins
it called for dried cranberries but I had dried blueberries for another recipe
so I threw those in instead and they turned out great

I can't find the link to the recipe but once I find it I will add it

now for the recipe I have been wanting to try and actually excited about making them
not sure what happened but they are doughy ~ they did not rise
and they are now in the garbage
big tears!

not really but it was a disappointment

my Italian Wedding Soup however did turn out
and after scooping some out to take to Mom
I put the rest in the fridge as
this will be an easy meal this week

now I have been hanging on to this recipe for months

Strawberry Lemonade Scones

called for strawberries but I bought blueberries
and let me tell you ~ I could eat this for dinner

yup ~ dinner ~ they are that good!

but instead we had this...

Chicken Enchilada Pasta
picture and recipe found here

although I cannot find enchilada sauce here
I found a recipe on line and made my own

it was good and made enough to have tonight 
and then freeze for another meal
and that was cutting the recipe in half!

this little one was happy when I would sit for a bit
she loves having someone home.

Hope you had a great weekend!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Potpourri

Oh winter
I am so tired of you
and your cold weather and snowstorms


I dream of spring and all it has to offer
but alas for now
I will embrace the wintertime.....


I adore these jars ~ I can see them lined up
ready for the next recipe


 I will be busy in the kitchen again this weekend
finishing up my cooking challenge recipes

I will do a wrap up the end of the month
and I am happy to report I have had more hits than misses
although Monday night we agreed
to throw one into the shredder ~ along with any leftovers


 pinned this and it sounds so yummy
anything with lemon
rocks my world ~ yeah I know
I am easy like that


so this week was trying
hard to put my optimistic foot forward
challenges ~ new is not easy
not feeling like you are being used to your full potential
makes you take a look at what you are doing
with fresh eyes and wondering if it is time for a change

time will tell


so besides cooking
the weekend will be spent nesting
recharging batteries
it will include some reading ~ a bubble bath
and maybe a movie

then I will curl up on Sunday night and watch the 
Oscars ~ although I have not seen any of the movies
I enjoy the red carpet arrivals ~ the fashions
all the beautiful people


I also have Monday off this week
a day for me

hoping for some inspiration
and checking things off my list



hoping the week has treated you well
that you have had more smiles than tears
and the weekend brings you laugher
and sunshine....

Sunday, February 17, 2013

In The Kitchen

It is a stormy Sunday night here on the east coast
and I have already lost power once
so I thought I would dash off a quick post in case it goes again....

yes ~ this was this afternoon
and they said that it is going to get worse

Trev is doing a little happy dance as it more than likely means
no school tomorrow
gotta love a good snow day

me on the other hand have to go in regardless
I don't get snow days
I know ~ boohoo ~ woe is me

so what does one do when the snow is blowing
well beside stay in my pj's all day long
I knock a few more recipes off my
28 recipes in 28 days list

I started off with miniature pineapple upside down cakes

I love the look of them and they are perfect
with a cuppa tea

then I made some cookies for my boy
he loves anything chocolate
so these Rolo cookies fit the bill

they were easy peasy and really rich

next up was a traditional Acadian meat pie
called a Tourtiere

this can be frozen and popped into the oven the night 
we want it for supper

last thing off the list this weekend 
was mini Italian meatballs
I made for another planned recipe

they are teeny tiny and I just mixed up some ground beef
with an egg, some Italian seasoning, parmesan cheese
and breadcrumbs
then boiled them in beef broth to cook

I can't wait to throw them into this soup,

So after all the cooking and baking was done
I put supper in the oven
and settled into the tub with a book

it was the perfect way to finish off the afternoon.

I wanted to share with you a couple of things I ordered
after Christmas that came in last week

I ordered this from The Rusted Chain
love her stuff and wanted to get a necklace with my word on it

I also came across this one which I fell in love with
as soon as I saw it

found on Etsy at Branded Heart Jewely
I would order from her again

on my last trip to Costco I picked up a couple of books
from two of my favourite authors

can't wait to read these ones.

Hope you all had a good weekend!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Potpourri

Ahh ~ another week gone
and already the middle of the month

where on earth does the time go??



it has been a hectic week
changes at work ~ new responsibilities
learning ~ learning
who says you can't teach an old dog...



packages in the mail
goodies make me smile ~ will share my wares soon

I have been reading posts on my phone
so forgive me for the lack of comments
but I am here and visiting...


thank you for the lovely comments on 
our love story

Valentines was low key
whipped up some pasta and shrimp for supper

was treated to flowers and a new charm for my
Pandora bracelet

I bought him chocolate ~ his 2nd love!



more cooking on the agenda this weekend
a couple more sweet things
plus some dinner planning for next week

March will be the month of celery and lettuce I think



hoping for a movie date with my girls
we will see ~ teenagers are busy you know


hope your week was full of
love & hugs

and that your weekend is full of sunshine.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Love Story

with Valentines day
right around the corner ~ like tomorrow
I thought I would share our love story

I met Trevor through my cousin Donny
back in high school

we were friends first
always a little spark ~ but nothing we really acted upon

we spent many summers together
he was at family gatherings ~ parties ~ celebrations
he was an adopted son of the "Stiles" clan

we went to dances and he had seen me at my best
and my not so best

this was 1983
with my cousin's Donny and Gina
and Trev and I ~ bookends
we look so so young!

we got close a couple of times over the years
but by then he had went away to school
then got a job in a neighbouring city

we would joke ~ when are we going to get married I would ask

quit your job ~ move to Saint John and I will marry you

no deal ~ I need a ring first
and I was climbing the corporate ladder ~ career focused
I loved what I did

fast forward to Easter weekend 1999
Donny was having a bonfire ~ a little party
did I want to come out to it?

Will Trevor be there?  Yes!  He is living back in Moncton
and he is coming out for the night

so off I went and Trevor was there
we both stayed over
and stayed up all night talking and holding hands

he said he would call ~ and he did
we got together the following Friday
and have been together ever since

there was no pretence ~ no acts
because we were friends first 
I think that helped our relationship

I knew that I had fallen in love with this boy
when one day I drove him to where he was storing his vintage truck
(I always wanted a boy with a pickup truck)

as I was following him back home I feared 
what if there is an accident and he gets hurt
what if I lose him

yes ~ that was the day that I knew it was meant to be

we moved in together that September

and the summer of 2000 we set a date to get married
the following summer

August 2001
one of my favourite days ever

I still love this boy of mine
with all my heart

we have been through so much
and at the end of the day ~ he is the one I want beside me
in sickness and in health
for richer for poorer
in good times and in bad

he still holds the key....