Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Potpourri

Hello February
so nice to see you

after the mild weather we have had
the last couple of days
our snow is gone

I am talking green grass people

of course I know it will not last long
but we sure enjoyed the warmth after the frigid days
we experienced last week!

busy week ~ getting back into the routine
vacation is definitely over!


I am excited to be starting this today
follow along on Instagram
you can find me at @nbwildflowers


I am also starting the recipe challenge
28 recipes in 28 days

also happy that Simone & Mikal
are joining in on the fun
along with a couple of more lovely ladies via Facebook

this yummy dessert is on the menu this weekend
as thebestneighborsever are coming over for game night

not sure whether I am going with a layer cake
or cupcakes ~ time will tell

this is also on the list ~ yummy

it is going to be a full week-end
with lots of fun and things to do

what is on your agenda
something fun?  I hope so!


Unknown said...

I'm already cooking!!! Just preparing tonight's dinner!! I've just been over to visit Mikal too :) So looking forward to this & very happy that you are doing it too, thank you!! XX

Unknown said...

PS GORGEOUS images here :)

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori,
Such wonderful images and a joy to look at ..... Spring is just around the corner.
Good luck with the recipe challenge and have a wonderful weekend. XXXX

Cathi said...

I love everything about this post, Lori, especially that dessert! I am sitting at the Starbucks near the airport right now as mom and sis are flying in and then we will take the boat to Catalina. I'm going to do that Photo challenge along with you on instagram and I look forward to seeing what you three gals have cooking this month! Happy weekend, my friend! xxoo

Leslie Harris said...

Is it possible to become addicted to potpourri? Because if so, I am! I have come to love the posts you label 'potpourri.' Your photos are truly beautiful and I relish the way you share your life in snippets. Yet, I end up feeling like I know you better each time.
Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

Lou said...

Hi Lori - can't get over the fact that it's February already! And this is such a short month, I will be saying the same about March in no time! Lovely post - you always use such uplifting images. My daughter is doing the instagram challenge too - she is mad on it - and di January too! I think today is 'your pet' - so the pup is getting pictured! Lou x said...

Just when it started to warm up, we got more snow! Love the pink fingerless gloves! How gorgeous are those? The cake looks soooo good! I can see that one in the very near future! Even though we have chatted on FB, I miss coming to your blog! Lots of love and warmth to you dear friend!