Monday, February 11, 2013

In The Kitchen

I am having so much fun with this cooking challenge
and although I have not been too adventurous
it has given me the excuse to sit down and
research some of those "pins" that have been
keeping me on the computer for hours at a time!

one of the recipes I had first on my list
was my Grammy Brown's butter tarts

I have had the recipe for years and truth be told I was 
afraid of the pie crust because I have not made it from scratch
since grade 9 home economics class
and that my friends was more than a couple of years ago

I pulled the pie crust recipe from the Crisco site
and it turned out perfectly!

Mom said that Gram would be proud
and that made me smile

when I found this recipe I knew that it had to go on my list

I am a lover of anything dill and that there was cheese in them
well that is just a bonus!

I did not have fresh dill so I used dry ~ I added by the teaspoon until
it looked about right... about 3-4 tsp.

I also made dump cake as I have been wanting to try it for awhile now
it was fun and easy and good

I also whipped up a little breakfast casserole this morning
taking ideas from a couple of different things I have seen
and made it my own

see ~ that's what I love about cooking
taking a recipe and making it your own

all in all I checked off 5 more recipes this weekend
so that's 11 out of 28

I can do this!!

Saturday was s now day here ~ it was snowing when I got up
and still snowing and blowing when we went to bed
43 cm in total which is about a foot

blowing and drifting created a 5 foot drift in the back yard
so today was spent shovelling walks and decks
and snow blowers could be heard for miles and miles!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

We've had lots of snow overnight too Lori ....... I love it but it really causes disruption over here.Because we don't have snow in a big way over here, we don't have things in place to make it a little easier !
Your recipes sound delicious ..... I have my daughter-in-law,grandson, niece and her little boy for lunch today so, it's cooking for me !
keep warm Lori. XXXX

Blondie's Journal said...

You are doing so well on your project! Everything sounds wonderful! Keep up the good work, the reward is great! ;-D

Snow for you, rain for us. Okay, I don't have to shovel but yours looks prettier! Have a good week, Lori!


Cathi said...

Keep up the great cooking, Lori - it all sounds delicious! Stay warm - snow sure looks beautiful, but I'm sure it's extremely hard work digging out of it! Have a beautiful week! xxoo