Saturday, October 31, 2009

~Happy Halloween~


Tonight's the night...

for all the little ghosts and goblins...

the pumpkin is carved...

the treats are in the bowl by the front door...

have a safe and happy Halloween!


Friday, October 30, 2009

We Have A Winner!

The feedback and comments
from everyone about
my 100 posts and the giveaway
blew me away.

Such a great group of women

We all share something
connecting through words and pictures.

Thank you to everyone that left a comment.

Without further ado
we will get down to business...

We went through a very high tech process
here tonight to choose from the names
and pick a winner for the giveaway.

VERY high tech!

hubby pulled the name and...

Congratulations to
Cindy at
Cottage Instincts!!

Email me at
to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone who participated!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Think Pink

With October drawing to a close
I wanted to reflect on something
that does not just happen in October

it happens all year long

for quite a few people

~Breast Cancer Awareness Month~

I do not think that one family in the world

has not been touched by cancer.

Whether it is someone from your immediate family

or an aunt or a cousin...

I want to dedicate this post to my

Aunt Francie

She was my grandmother’s sister

the baby of their family

she was Dad’s favorite Aunt

which = we spent a lot of time with her

It was her that sold Dad the land

to build the cottage

for $1.00

yup one smackaroo

She loved to knit and sew and bake

man she could bake.


Boxing Day at her house was always a treat

a lazy susan full of goodies

all was good….until it was time to do the dishes...

I hate doing dishes


She has been gone now for 25 years

hard to believe

she fought a good fight and taught me a lot

I think she would like these shoes

and would be sitting beside me having one of those cocktails!

So ~ check your boobies ladies!


Monday, October 26, 2009

End of the Season

Sunday we made the trek
back to my favorite spot
Dorchester Cape
and the cottage.

It was time to close it up for the season
winterize...drain the water tank
bring home groceries
strip the beds.

It was such a nice day
sunny and warm
it seemed a shame to be closing it up
for another year.

While Trevor was putting on the shutters
and Mom was puttering
Sam & I took Molly for a walk
down to the beach.

the leaves have fallen
making way for winter's
white blanket of snow
they are ready for it
even though we are not.

every spring
we check on "our tree"
she hangs precariously on the edge
and sadly I know one year
we will come down
and she will be gone

Sam and Molly looking for rocks
this is the perfect spot

silhouettes in the sun
waiting for the tide to come in

going to look for a stick

we need one that is just right

in order to do this!


Sam's self portrait
I loaded this twice
and it came in sideways both times
not sure WHAT is up with that!

We look up the beach...

and down...

and say good-bye to another season.


The landscape is changing on the cape
The existing road will soon be closed
as the erosion is making it dangerous to drive on.

Trev trucked through the woods
to the new road
it won't be long now
and our back yard will soon become
the front.

We picked the spot where we want our new driveway
back in the spring

They have not yet started the clearing
but I imagine it will be done before it is time
to open up again for another season.

So the picturesque drive along the shoreline
will change to a drive through the woods...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

100th Post & A Giveaway!!

Little did I know that when I sat down at the computer
last May and decided to start a blog
that I would come in contact with
so many wonderful people.

I blame Kim as she is the one that started me off.
I would sit in the mornings ~ with my coffee
and read her blog and look at her beautiful images.

Zizette started too
writing about her family and
transformations in her new home.

Then Simone jumped on the bandwagon
she truly has an eye for beauty
her posts bring a smile to my face every day.

So ~ I said to myself
"You can do this"
by no means am I a writer
but I love a good story
and pretty pictures
and taking pictures...

I have poured out my heart
and had so much fun
going down this road to 100

I have been inspired
I have laughed
and cried

There is so much truth
and beauty in the words I read
and the images I see
every day.

So bring out the cake

and blow up the balloons

because I am celebrating!

Now for the giveaway
I thought of many things
what could I do...

Then I remembered these

I think they are beautiful
I really do!

I have decided to give away a $35.00 gift certificate

drumroll please
The Vintage Pearl

her stuff is gorgeous
it really is!

it's all personalized
which is why I decided to go with a
gift certificate

So ~ here's what you have to do to win:

~ be a follower...
leave me a note and let me know what you
love about blogging and what surprises you have
had by doing so

~link this giveaway to your blog for a 2nd chance to win
again ~ let me know so I can put your name in twice!

Had to leave you with the next image ~

because it is too funny and I love it!

I will draw the winner on
Friday ~ Oct. 30th


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Frosty Mornings

The last couple of weeks have shown
that summer is really over

While I love fall
and the crisp days it brings
I do not enjoy winter

cold ~ cold ~ cold

as long as I have some snow
for Christmas Eve
and Christmas Day
it could disappear the rest of the year
and I would be a
happy girl.

Frost however is beautiful
I love how it makes everything shine
and look so pretty

the sun catches it

it makes ordinary things
look extraordinary

see what I mean
barbed wire all dressed up for the party

too pretty

grass dipped in crystal


has there been frost on your pumpkins yet?