Thursday, October 1, 2009

Right Around The Corner...

What is right around the corner...

The week-end!
I am so thankful it is Thursday
it has been a very long week
painfully long

maybe because we were away all last week-end
and there is so much I wanted to do
at home

the weather forecast looks like
it will be in my favor on Saturday
then rain on Sunday
sounds like a slow cooker day to me
maybe chili...
for now I will leave you with
some pictures I took last week-end
at the camp

have a glorious Thursday...


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Hi Lori - what a terrific blog you have. I love your Autumn pictures. I miss Fall in the Seattle area and all the beautiful changes of the foliage. You can tell the season is changing here in Houston, but it's still in the 80's & 90's, so just not the same. Your pot of chili sounds really good. Thanks for visiting my blog. So happy to have found yours. Hope you get that nice Saturday!
:D deb

cathi said...

Lori - I love all your beautiful images....and a pot of chili sounds wonderful!! Have a wonderful weekend! said...

I can't wait for the weekend and I didn't even go anywhere! This week has been extremely draining. I just want to stay in my jammies and down a few bottles of wine from the new winery at the orchard.

Farmgirl Paints said...

It's finally here. Beautiful pics!

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos Lori....have a wonderful week-end :) xo