Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Thoughts

The sun is shining and I am getting ready to head out the door
list in hand to run some errands


it has been crazy busy at work
and as we head into the holiday season
evenings are filling up as well

so much fun!


Tuesday we celebrated Remembrance Day
as part of my Instagram feed ~ I saw the most beautiful sight from London
I had to find out more and the images were amazing

The memorial, which was created by artist Paul Cummins, includes 888,246 ceramic poppies which have been progressively filling the Tower's moat. At the peak of the installation on November 11, there will be one poppy for each British fatality in the First World War.
Up to four million people are estimated to have visited the installation, called 

Wednesday night was a retirement gathering
and it was so nice to catch up with some people I have not seen
since the beginning of the summer

then Friday night ~ supper with a group of girls from work
we used to go to a beach cottage for a weekend in July
but have not done it in a few years

stories were told and many laughs had

we also had our first major snowfall ~ it was so pretty and although
it is still a tad early for my liking ~ it helped kick my butt
and later today I just may pull out my Christmas cards


last night I got together with more friends
Kim, Lori, Andrea & I
met when we all worked together

and went out dancing together, traveled together
these are the girls that have seen you at your best
and your worst
they know secrets, habits and still love you
they are numbers I can call in the middle of the night
in a crisis and they would be there

I love that our husbands all get along as well
it just makes things fun

so the 8 of us have not been all together for about 3 years
we have seen each other ~ but there always seemed to be
a couple missing

so last month I picked a date and we all made it work

besides the company and the beverages
we all make food and eat like kings

I made one of our favs and although the picture and recipe link above 
is not the one I made ~ these are delish

Bacon Wrapped Water Chestnuts

1 pound bacon
water chestnuts
honey garlic sauce

wrap half slice of bacon around each chestnut ~ soak in garlic sauce for up to 8 hours
bake at 375 for 30 minutes or until bacon is cooked
I like to finish mine off under the broiler just to crisp up the bacon

I used the bottled garlic sauce ~ the thicker the better
but you can make your own as well.

and with that ~ I am off 
enjoy every moment of today


Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Potpourri

So ~ I was suppose to be on vacation this week
and decided to work 3 days of it


we had been on the go most of the weekend
and Monday I ran errands
got home late and made the best dinner
it was just a roast chicken but man it was good

and after attending Barb's school of gravy
the last 15 years
I made the best gravy of my life ~ I wish I had a bucketload of it

seriously ~ my mother cannot make gravy
and she will tell you that
she buys the packages and adds it to the roast or turkey drippings

my mother in law Barb makes the best gravy
every dinner we attend ~ I stand beside her and watch
and take direction and after all these years
I finally have it mastered and I am a happy girl

all that for gravy ~ imagine that!


so I worked on Tuesday and I joked to my boss that I had workers remorse
so she asked me if I wanted to take more of my vacation
and I said ~ yes please!

3 weeks ago when they offered the extra shifts
I thought it was a good idea
some extra money for Christmas
and we have been slammed at work ~ working overtime
and the such

so I only worked 2 days and took yesterday and today off
bliss I say ~ bliss


yesterday I did little things
you know the stuff you have been putting off
they have been on the back burner ~ yeah that stuff
and pretty much stayed in my pj's most of the day
which is really a shame since it was a nice day
and today they are calling for rain ~ blah


I am finally getting a chance to go to this shop
and then there is a craft fair on Saturday

starting to get into the planning stages for Christmas
although I know out in blog land some people are already 
full force into it and decorating
sorry ~ too early for me

I shall sit over the next couple of days
and make gift lists and think about what I am going to bake


speaking of gifts ~ Becky's shop is open until the 14th
and along with some beautiful cuffs ~ she also has ornaments this year!

click here for her shop and here for a discount code


perusing Pinterest and some of my favourite food blogs for recipes
for Christmas and everyday


so this weekend will be low key
no big plans other than checking a couple more things off my list

Happy weekend!