Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Potpourri

It's me ~ back again 
and on a Friday no less

Credit: Tetra Images Tetra Images Getty Images


I am finishing up a week of vacation and if I learned one thing this week
having time for myself really recharges my soul
I need down time ~ time to do absolutely nothing
or whatever I want is good for my well being

last weekend was Thanksgiving here in Canada
and we spent Sunday at the camp
it was damp and raining off and on
but that was ok as it was the people who we were with was what mattered the most

Trev's Mom cooked the turkey, dressing and pie
and then we all brought sides
it made things easier for Barb and took that pressure off just one person
trying to do it all

my brother and his girlfriend joined us
and even though we have had some issues in the past
we have come together since Mom's passing
and have been not only civil but supportive of one another

it was one of Mom's wishes and I am thankful that things have worked out that way.



holiday Monday I was alone
as hubby had to work
it was windy, cold and raining
as we caught the tail end of hurricane Matthew
Molly and I snuggled on the couch
and watched tv ~ drank tea and read

I caught myself as I picked up the phone to call Mom
then stopped ~ I know this will happen now and then
and I am ok with the feelings that will come over me

truth be told I have been feeling quite numb
not a lot of tears and being the way I am
it freaked me out a bit ~ you see I am an emotional person
not a drama queen or diva ~ but things do affect me
so the numbness is not something I am used to
so part of my new normal is realizing that I am ok
and that the stages of grief are there and different for everyone
and each parent as I am learning


last week leading up to vacation I had 2 things on my list
that I wanted to get done while I was off
I completed one last night and still contemplating the other
too funny as I am a list girl all the way
but apparently I require a deadline



I had planned to take a photography drive yesterday
up early ~ I had my route planned out
where to stop for lunch and then an alternate route back

then my baby girl got sick ~ we went to the vet on Wednesday
and I really did not want to leave her alone for a full day
when she was not feeling 100%

so maybe today I will go on a little drive
with my camera in hand ~ the sun is shining and I do believe
it will be the perfect day to get some fall shots



we talked last night about the weekend and we decided it is time to
head to our little cabin in the woods and close it up for the season

then Sunday ~ who knows what the day may bring

until next time


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Sunday Thoughts

So hello there and happy fall

I am just finishing up a week of vacation
my errands are complete
I have a banana bread in the oven and getting ready to make some muffins too

last I posted other than the news about Mom was in May
can you believe it!  yeah I can
so much has happened and I wanted to throw this one out there
as life has not been all bad over the summer

the weekend before my surgery I finally took the leap and did my gallery wall
I have since changed the mats out from white to a linen colour
and I do like it much better

I like things all in a row so I was not sure how I was going to react to all
the different frames ~ but when all was said and done
I do love it.  I added some red as we have a red recliner now
and some other red details in the room so it all works together

Rocky, Tracey, Nancy & Lori

my bestie turned 50 in June so we gathered the girls
and headed off to a local vineyard
so much fun!

when Tracey turned 50 last year, Rocky and I got her a cuff bracelet that read:

"A good friend knows all your best stories ~ A best friend has lived them with you"

it only seemed fitting that I get one for Rocky for hers
and while I was at it ~ I picked one up for myself as well
and had to get a pic of the 3 of us

the end of June brought another proud Auntie moment
when Katrina graduated from college

I love this little one that has grown into such a beautiful person
she has come such a long way

sorting through things at Mom's apartment over the summer was emotional
but some of the gems I came across were priceless
this is me with my Grampy and my Dad
a party at the cottage and I dare say this 3 generation shot
we were singing like nobody's business
such sweet memories

the junior high gang got together again in July
loads of laughs and catching up as the guys joined us this time around
another fun night

a day at the shore and a visit with one of Trev's Aunts
we sat on the deck and enjoyed the sunshine and the salt air

more beach time was had the long weekend in August
but this time on the Northumberland Strait

we walked and walked the beach at low tide
looking for treasures and splashing through the water
it was down time that was needed and appreciated

Rocky, Tracey, Kim & Lori 

this night was so much fun
we bought the tickets back in June
and the girl's were worried I would not be ready to go out for a night of fun
well they were wrong ~ we danced and sang like it was 1980
to the music of Loverboy
a good time was had by all

we got to the cottage again on Labour Day weekend
it was so nice and full of beautiful sunsets,
bonfires, fireworks and relaxation

date night with this one, this past week
she is a high school senior this year!  I can't even think about it.
We went to see Bridget Jones's Baby
so funny!

Trev and I got out on a little road trip as well
it's nice to just jump in the car and go for a little afternoon trip
go somewhere you have never been
top it off with a great cup of coffee and a treat
and still be home for supper.

I have some things on my heart but will save them for another time

much love,

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Mother's Love

So I didn't mean to be away this long
I thought about posting a few times
over the month of July ~ but things have been busy
and time that I did have were not spent in front of the computer

I am here today to document maybe more for myself
than anyone who may read my words
that my Mama gained her angel wings last week

she had a rough Spring
in and out of the hospital 3 times
and a couple of pretty bad falls

because she had COPD ~ she would get fluid on her lungs
then end up with pneumonia
but she would bounce back and come home after a week or so

when she landed in the hospital in June
the doctor said that she was no longer safe living by herself
so we started looking into an assisted living facility
there were many meetings at the hospital
and going to look at rooms for her
getting things set up for the move and the task of
cleaning out her apartment ~ what to keep
sifting and sorting through your memories can be a 
daunting task yet I was thankful that she sold the house 10 years
ago as there was only a fraction of things to go through

I found a room in a home in my sub division
it was perfect ~ Molly and I could go for a walk and visit
and we did ~ the residents loved seeing the pup come

I posted this on Facebook after we got her moved in

So this is how parents must feel when they drop their kids off at university. 
Leaving them in a dorm room with all their stuff in a house full of strangers. 
She loved her new room and is settling in ~ thankfully I am just a stones throw away #helicopterdaughter

Tuesday she asked to go to the hospital
and I went in after work to see how she was doing
she was sitting up ~ not feeling herself
but not critical for sure

around midnight the phone rang
 she had taken a turn for the worse
so in we went ~ called my brother
and stayed all night
she passed peacefully on Thursday morning
born July 18th ~ passed August 18th
she had just celebrated 70 candles on her cake

today I am still kind of numb
so much to do ~ finalizing things for her apartment
then this afternoon I will go over to her room
and pack up the rest of her things

the power of friendship is an amazing things
I am truly surrounded by the best people
the cards and messages ~ phone calls and visits

my solace now is that she is with the love of her life
she has not truly been happy since Dad passed and that was 15 years ago

while making calls I heard this over and over again
she is with your Dad
they have been reunited

I would have loved to have seen Dad scoop her up and twirl her around
upon her arrival in heaven.


Sunday, May 29, 2016


It's Sunday afternoon and I am sitting here with my to do list
and wondering when I may have time to sit down again before dinnertime

I make it sound so drastic don't I!

reality is I am finishing up a week of vacation
and although it was a busy one ~ we did have some down time too

you see I am having surgery on my hand on Tuesday
so I wanted to get all my planting done and the house cleaned
you know ~ all the things you want to get accomplished
while you still have use of both hands

so while I sit here and watch a squirrel hop along the fence
I know this will be my spot for a week or so 
I have meals pre-made and some shows on the pvr
I have covered most of my bases so to speak
but enough about that.....

last month a group of girls from junior high met on a Sunday morning for brunch
and just to catch up ~ oh what fun we had!

our church celebrated their 50th anniversary and we attended the celebration
the guest speaker was the minister that was there when Trev was growing up
I had heard so much about this wonderful woman and I know now why she was a favourite
it was a beautiful service and the fellowship afterwards was jam packed with people

these girls have a huge chunk of my heart ~ after many failed attempts to get together
we finally got to dinner and I am so glad we did

my gallery wall!  Yes!  I finally bit the bullet and did it
and happy to say that I really really like it

I wanted some pops of red to compliment our new red recliner
and the pops here and there throughout the living room

last time the old gang from the neighborhood got together it was for a funeral
so we made a pact that the next time we got together would be for joy and not sorrow
we made it happen a couple of weekends ago
I have known these 2 since I was five ~ the roots run deep

although we did get to the cottage to open it up for the season
we did not spend the night

we did make it to the camp though as it was already open for the season

there is something about taking your coffee out to the deck in the morning
and just sitting ~ listening to the river and watching the hummingbirds
it was some down time that was required for both of us

so that's pretty much me in a nutshell
all photos taken with my phone because that's the way we roll nowadays

actually big girl camera coming out today as there are some lilacs I have my eye on
vacant lot ~ you know I am coming for you!

Happy Sunday

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Potpourri

Friday ~ and exhale........



I am actually on day 3 of a 5 day stretch of time off
and it was welcomed and needed

I knocked off a couple of projects and prepped for others
working on my gallery wall ~ painted some frames
choosing photos

and then there is the coverlet for the bed ~ summer weight
so when we take the quilt off for the summer
there will be something pretty to replace it with



today is a little painting project ~ some touch ups that I have been putting off
and then some curling up on the couch as we have a freezing rain mix
going on right now so we are staying put


feels good to be back after a little time away
busy as mama was in the hospital for a little spell
she is home and fine now but it was a busy couple of weeks

I picked the girls up this week after school ~ we grabbed supper and 
took it over to her place
we all enjoyed our girls night and caught up on the latest news


some other things are heavy on my heart yet 
I feel if I write about it here it is like airing my dirty laundry
let's just say I do not like conflict and you can choose your friends
but you can't choose your family!


my mother in law is hosting Easter dinner tomorrow
always yummy ~ looking forward to it



Happy Easter ~ Happy Weekend