Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Mother's Love

So I didn't mean to be away this long
I thought about posting a few times
over the month of July ~ but things have been busy
and time that I did have were not spent in front of the computer

I am here today to document maybe more for myself
than anyone who may read my words
that my Mama gained her angel wings last week

she had a rough Spring
in and out of the hospital 3 times
and a couple of pretty bad falls

because she had COPD ~ she would get fluid on her lungs
then end up with pneumonia
but she would bounce back and come home after a week or so

when she landed in the hospital in June
the doctor said that she was no longer safe living by herself
so we started looking into an assisted living facility
there were many meetings at the hospital
and going to look at rooms for her
getting things set up for the move and the task of
cleaning out her apartment ~ what to keep
sifting and sorting through your memories can be a 
daunting task yet I was thankful that she sold the house 10 years
ago as there was only a fraction of things to go through

I found a room in a home in my sub division
it was perfect ~ Molly and I could go for a walk and visit
and we did ~ the residents loved seeing the pup come

I posted this on Facebook after we got her moved in

So this is how parents must feel when they drop their kids off at university. 
Leaving them in a dorm room with all their stuff in a house full of strangers. 
She loved her new room and is settling in ~ thankfully I am just a stones throw away #helicopterdaughter

Tuesday she asked to go to the hospital
and I went in after work to see how she was doing
she was sitting up ~ not feeling herself
but not critical for sure

around midnight the phone rang
 she had taken a turn for the worse
so in we went ~ called my brother
and stayed all night
she passed peacefully on Thursday morning
born July 18th ~ passed August 18th
she had just celebrated 70 candles on her cake

today I am still kind of numb
so much to do ~ finalizing things for her apartment
then this afternoon I will go over to her room
and pack up the rest of her things

the power of friendship is an amazing things
I am truly surrounded by the best people
the cards and messages ~ phone calls and visits

my solace now is that she is with the love of her life
she has not truly been happy since Dad passed and that was 15 years ago

while making calls I heard this over and over again
she is with your Dad
they have been reunited

I would have loved to have seen Dad scoop her up and twirl her around
upon her arrival in heaven.



Blondie's Journal said...


My heart aches after reading this post. Of course I saw it on IG a few days ago but this was different. The pictures speak volumes of your relationship. And you favor your mother very much in appearance. She certainly did not look 70 in the last few photos! But I do understand the gravity of her health conditions.

I'm wishing you a lot of love, hope and strength in the coming weeks and months. Hold on to that belief that she is dancing with your father.

Love and hugs and here for you,


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Lori ...... I am so sorry to hear your sad news ..... it's a very difficult time, losing a parent. Obviously there is nothing that I can say to make things better but just hold on to all of those precious memories and know what a wonderful daughter you have been. You had two wonderful parents and were all lucky to have had each other in your lives.
Sending much love from the UK and I am thinking of you.
Take care and look after yourself Lori.
Much love. XXXX

Leslie Harris said...

Lori this post makes me feel so sad. I know that your dear mama is now at peace and alongside your Dad but I wonder how you're doing these last days. Reading over your words gave me sense of the long, unfolding health issues she struggled with yet I still felt the sudden-ness of her passing in this post. Just thinking about the call you got when she took a turn for the worst makes me want to hug you. I know you're surrounded by lots of family and friends and I'm so relieved for that--but I sure wish I lived closer, I would happily go to your Mama's services. She sounds like such a loving woman and so special too, to have raised a daughter like you. I'm sending you love and prayers for peace and healing.

Cathi said...

Beautiful words about your Momma Lori - you are a wonderful daughter who showed her love until the end and now beyond! Sending lots of love and hugs and know your mom and dad are with you always! xxoo