Sunday, May 29, 2016


It's Sunday afternoon and I am sitting here with my to do list
and wondering when I may have time to sit down again before dinnertime

I make it sound so drastic don't I!

reality is I am finishing up a week of vacation
and although it was a busy one ~ we did have some down time too

you see I am having surgery on my hand on Tuesday
so I wanted to get all my planting done and the house cleaned
you know ~ all the things you want to get accomplished
while you still have use of both hands

so while I sit here and watch a squirrel hop along the fence
I know this will be my spot for a week or so 
I have meals pre-made and some shows on the pvr
I have covered most of my bases so to speak
but enough about that.....

last month a group of girls from junior high met on a Sunday morning for brunch
and just to catch up ~ oh what fun we had!

our church celebrated their 50th anniversary and we attended the celebration
the guest speaker was the minister that was there when Trev was growing up
I had heard so much about this wonderful woman and I know now why she was a favourite
it was a beautiful service and the fellowship afterwards was jam packed with people

these girls have a huge chunk of my heart ~ after many failed attempts to get together
we finally got to dinner and I am so glad we did

my gallery wall!  Yes!  I finally bit the bullet and did it
and happy to say that I really really like it

I wanted some pops of red to compliment our new red recliner
and the pops here and there throughout the living room

last time the old gang from the neighborhood got together it was for a funeral
so we made a pact that the next time we got together would be for joy and not sorrow
we made it happen a couple of weekends ago
I have known these 2 since I was five ~ the roots run deep

although we did get to the cottage to open it up for the season
we did not spend the night

we did make it to the camp though as it was already open for the season

there is something about taking your coffee out to the deck in the morning
and just sitting ~ listening to the river and watching the hummingbirds
it was some down time that was required for both of us

so that's pretty much me in a nutshell
all photos taken with my phone because that's the way we roll nowadays

actually big girl camera coming out today as there are some lilacs I have my eye on
vacant lot ~ you know I am coming for you!

Happy Sunday


Blondie's Journal said...

How great to finally have the reunion! I enjoyed the pictures. I don't think I could ever have the courage to go to one...Many reasons...

I'm wondering why you are having surgery on your hand, but in any event I hope all goes well. You've done wonderful with your gardening and you are so smart to get yourself organized before.

All the best,


Leslie Harris said...

Lori somehow this post didn't go through my feed and I missed it. But I saw on IG that you had surgery already. Hope you're not in pain and that you heal quickly. I know you want to get back to the garden :) Also I looooove how the gallery wall turned out. I'm not very good at gallery walls so I appreciate seeing how others do them. Enjoy your time being waited on---I thought the bell was such a cute idea.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Hope all went well Lori and that you are recovering nicely !!
..... and how lovely to have kept in touch with so many old friend's .... they are the best as you have so much history and so much to catch up on.
Put your feet up and recover properly won't you ?
Much love. XXXX