Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hanging On

Yesterday we headed down to the cape
to close up the cottage for the season

on the way home we stopped at the cemetery
I knew that the colours would be at their prime here
with all the old trees

plus I knew that this would be my last chance
with the perfect storm headed in our direction
the trees will be bare a week from now

I love walking through the old section
looking at all the old stones

they are intricate ~ so many details
they are truly beautiful

Hoping that everyone that is in the storm's path
stays safe.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Potpourri

Loving this time of year
frosty mornings lead way to warm sunny afternoons

warm enough to sit on the bench 
on my afternoon break and read my book



 putting away the open toed shoes
makes me sad

but loving the layers ~ the sweaters
and the fleece


 game night on Saturday
with thebestneighborsever

it's always a good time
when we get together


getting together the treats for all the ghosts and goblins next week
it's so much fun seeing the littles in their costumes



hoping to get out again on the week-end with the camera
batteries are all charged up

live and learn

hope you all had a great week
and that this week-end brings sunshine and laughter


Monday, October 22, 2012

Crisp and Complete

Hello ~ did you have a good week-end??

it was a great one here
although it rained on and off all day Saturday
it gave me a chance to putter and get some of those
put away til a rainy day chores

Sunday was gorgeous
so I decided to grab my camera and head out
do some back road touring and take in 
all the beauty that Autumn has to offer

I got about 5 shots off and
my low battery light came on
crap crap double crap

next time I will have to plan better!

I also tried a new recipe
slow cooker baked beans
found here

although I am not a lover of beans
Trev loves them and he gave these
2 thumbs up.

I changed up the recipe just a touch
so if you try it and want to know what I did
let me know and I will send along my recommendations!

Have a wonderful week.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Potpourri

It's Friday
and I am back

I did not mean to be a post once a week person
but alas ~ it has happened again this week



I was hoping to get out last week-end with my camera
but that did not happen

instead I did some yard work ~ cut back some more things in the garden
gathered the pots and outdoor decorations
and contemplated putting flannel on the bed ~ soon it will happen ~ very soon

I did bake a cake ~ chocolate with chocolate frosting
and it was divine

so good in fact that I sent some next door
and 2 more pieces to Trev's brother and sister in law

if it is out of the house ~ I cannot have it for supper!


I have been doing a bit of reading
blogs ~ books ~ magazines


 I signed up for the Creatively Made Home this week
and I cannot wait for it to start

have you signed up yet?
if not ~ click here...


 I am looking for some ideas for the living room
and I know that these ladies will steer me in the right direction

this week-end we will be cooking hearty meals
soul food ~ stick to your ribs and keep you warm

the chill is in the air ~ the sweaters are out
layers are called for

wishing you all a wonderful week-end.