Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Knew You When....

a couple of  week-ends ago, we had a little reunion with the old gang

we went back to the "hood" as there are quite a few
still living in the area

we had a corn boil 
dug out the old cd's and photo albums
and laughed a lot

there were some that couldn't come
but connecting with those people that could make it again
was priceless

new memories were made

we all meet back on that common ground

these are the people that taught me what friendship 
is all about

I am talking elementary school right up to graduation
and beyond

sock hops, teen dances
first kisses.... the list goes on and on

at 10 to 2
and I was gathering my stuff to leave
one grabbed my arm and said
when are we going to do this again

soon my friend ~ soon.


Heather said...

Sounds wonderful. Cute picture too!

Cathi said...

There's nothing like the oldest dearest friends - I am looking forward to re-connecting iwith one of my old friends very soon and as luck would have it she lives in the same town as Steff does! I hope your week has been wonderful, Lori! Hugs to you! xxoo